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Did you know there’s a streamlined option for making payments in Bahrain? Yes! This is now possible since this country has recently implemented a payment system where customers can pay merchandise using their phone. This payment system is called the EasyPay service. Also Read: Bahrain Ramadan Schedule and Guidelines Carrying cash and credit cards everyday may [...]

hospitals in bahrain

As an expat living and working in Bahrain, you should be mindful of your health whatever time of the day it is. It would be helpful if you know the nearest hospital in your place so the next time you feel bad and sick, you can get yourself checked before something worse comes up. If you [...]

GO Card Bus Transport Bahrain

All of those who are wondering how to use the public bus transport system in Bahrain, you need to first secure a GO card which is the main card used to tap when you enter the bus. This is a reloadable top up card which will be used when you board the bus. Using privates [...]

bahrain labour hours

Bahrain is indeed a beautiful country to live and to work. In fact, it is one of the chosen countries of most of the expats who almost spend their time to work in different places other than their home lands. According to survey conducted by Expat Insider, 9 out of 10 expats have happy lives [...]

best beaches in bahrain

Some of us don’t just go to other countries to work, some people want pleasure in life. By that, it means going to tourist spots and places where they can find joy and relaxation. In Bahrain, there are plenty of places to go to if you are someone who’s fond of tourist spots—from popular establishments [...]

working in bahrain guide

For the record, many expats have chosen to work in Bahrain since opportunities are overflowing in this country and there is a huge chance to earn a better wage. Still, a lot of people find pleasure in working abroad. Not because there are no opportunities in their home lands but because of some reasons such [...]

how to apply drivers license bahrain

Having a car that you can drive anywhere is considerably one of the most convenient activities that you can do. Driving for yourself can save you from hassle and inconvenience of using the public transportation. In Bahrain, it is possible to drive your own rented car if you are an expat working here. Unlike Saudi [...]

bahrain ramadan schedule guide

There are indeed various beliefs, culture, and traditions existing in the world. One of which is Ramadan—a tradition observed by Muslims across the globe. Since variety of religions has been established, we are not new in this so-called Ramadan. We all know that there is specific date to celebrate it, the dos and don’ts and [...]

hotels in bahrain

Staying in Bahrain doesn’t have to be expensive. There are existing budget-friendly hotels where you can stay in temporarily and enjoy your vacation in the country. Remember, you still have other things to spend on. This is the reason it’s best to allocate just a portion for your budget in your hotel accommodations. Also Read: [...]

bahrain best attractions

Whether you are an expat residing in Bahrain or just a visitor looking for the best attractions the kingdom has to offer, here we share some famous tourist spots for you to check out. While you rest in your accommodation after your flight, it’s good that you are aware of the common places to visit [...]