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Alcohol Bahrain

Bahrain is another beautiful and rich country in Middle East. Most expats choose this country because of its unique features and unlimited opportunities. If you are an expat who loves to drink alcohol to release your stress from work, then, you’ll like Bahrain more for it has different provisions when it comes to alcohol. Also [...]

Bahrain Mosque

Bahrain might just be another country for you but it actually hides several gems and treasures other than its oil reserve. It is a place known by expats because of its many options of employment and business. Yet, did you know where else in Bahrain you could get good views, other than work? Also Read: Top [...]

Pregnant Woman

Expats can give birth in Bahrain.  It doesn’t matter what your nationality is. Once you’ve become pregnant and have stayed in this country, it will be easier for you to extend your stay here than flying back home just to deliver your baby. To avoid the hassle of traveling to your home land it is [...]

Retirement Job

There will be a time where you’re unemployed, and being one is not always a bad thing, there are advantages when you’re not working in some countries like Bahrain. For every expat who had spent most of their time working in this country may experience enough security for their retirement. This article talks about terms [...]

Bahrain Park

Bahrain is known for having different tourist attractions such as big malls and beaches. This might be the reason why more and more expats chose to stay longer in this country. If you are someone who wishes to relax but doesn’t want to go to crowded malls and beaches, there are accessible public parks in [...]


Did you know there’s a streamlined option for making payments in Bahrain? Yes! This is now possible since this country has recently implemented a payment system where customers can pay merchandise using their phone. This payment system is called the EasyPay service. Also Read: Bahrain Ramadan Schedule and Guidelines Carrying cash and credit cards everyday may [...]

hospitals in bahrain

As an expat living and working in Bahrain, you should be mindful of your health whatever time of the day it is. It would be helpful if you know the nearest hospital in your place so the next time you feel bad and sick, you can get yourself checked before something worse comes up. If you [...]

GO Card Bus Transport Bahrain

All of those who are wondering how to use the public bus transport system in Bahrain, you need to first secure a GO card which is the main card used to tap when you enter the bus. This is a reloadable top up card which will be used when you board the bus. Using privates [...]

bahrain labour hours

Bahrain is indeed a beautiful country to live and to work. In fact, it is one of the chosen countries of most of the expats who almost spend their time to work in different places other than their home lands. According to survey conducted by Expat Insider, 9 out of 10 expats have happy lives [...]

best beaches in bahrain

Some of us don’t just go to other countries to work, some people want pleasure in life. By that, it means going to tourist spots and places where they can find joy and relaxation. In Bahrain, there are plenty of places to go to if you are someone who’s fond of tourist spots—from popular establishments [...]