10 Shopping Malls in Manama, Bahrain

People don’t just go abroad to work, some of them find entertainment by traveling overseas and roaming around different places. There are indeed a lot of places to go to, considering the size of every continent in the world. There are those locations beautified by nature and there are human-made. Either kind is perfect for a unique experience. If you’re an expat currently staying overseas for a short or long term, you might as well consider touring around the country you’re staying in.

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Speaking of destination, did you know that Bahrain offers more than just job opportunities for expats? In fact, there are places where you should visit during your rest days or free time. If you’re someone who wants to be thrilled but not ready for an adventurous kind, this article is for you! The rest of this piece will introduce you to different malls in the country that are worthy to visit.

Bahrain Mall

List of Shopping Malls in Bahrain

Bahrain City Centre

Located in Sh. Khalifa Highway, this mall is the first and biggest in the country with hundreds of different brands. Unlike any local stores, this one houses a variety of items from international to local brands. This place has also been a haven where unique brands have had their debut.

Yatim Center

Located in Al Muthanna Avenue, this is such a memorable place especially for people who lives nearby. Everyone who’s living in Manama is familiar with this mall as this exists for more than 25 years now. Patrons have grown with it, no doubt it still remains as one of their treasures in Bahrain.

Seef Mall

Standing in Road 2819, this mall has different shops to choose from. If you’re just near the place, you should consider visiting this place since this is also a home of brands like any other big malls in the country.

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Ansar Gallery

In Opposite Adheri Park, you could find this mall housing different sorts of items. For your information, this is a subsidiary of the Ansar Group of Companies and currently importing brands from different countries such as Brazil, India, and Turkey.

Al Aali Complex

This place is located just off the Sh. Khalifa Highway. Like other malls in the place, this stores a variety of international and local labels. If you’re looking for some luxurious, at the same time sophisticated, experience, this place is definitely for you.

Bahrain Mall

In the heart of Manama you could find the best mall for family get-togethers. Aside from a shopping experience, you can also spend time zeroing out your grocery list here. So, for a better time spent together with the family, head to this mall!

Country Mall

Located in Budaiya, this place is a perfect community mall of locals and foreigners. This mall offers cheap items everyone can afford. In fact, it has a parking space as big as other malls—3 floors in total!

Marina Mall Bahrain

This is place is just around Road 1406. If looking for a nearby mall with lots of stores to choose from, Marina Mall it is!

Lulu Center

Last but not least is a division of a multinational group known for having over 105 quality retail stores across the Gulf region.

Malls and other establishments in Bahrain don’t end here. The only limit is the sky when it comes to destinations and worthy to visit places. As an expat seeking a bit luxurious experience in the country, this list will definitely make your living a lot easier.

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