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Burj Al Arab Dubai

You’re one lucky person if you are living or working in Dubai because we all know, this city in UAE is the most popular among expats and tourists. If you’re wondering why we say so, it is because of its rich resources, great opportunities, and awesome places. To give you more info about Dubai’s great [...]

Abu Dhabi Traffic

There are a lot of traffic violations in Abu Dhabi. Because it’s one of the most popular city throughout the country. The state has implemented specific laws and regulations for every act that affects people and properties. Also Read: Dos and Don’ts in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is a great city in UAE. There’s no surprise [...]

Saudi Arabia is a country popular not only for its rich oil resources but also for its disciplinary system. As an expat, you should be knowledgeable about the laws and provisions in Saudi Arabia if you don’t want to end up in jail. One of the major provisions we are going to discuss in this [...]

alcohol law in uae

Most expats enjoy alcoholic drinks, it gives them entertainment and pleasure. This may be a big challenge for expats who cannot live a day without a good drink, for them, it is their motivation. It’s even difficult to get drunk in Dubai, because of its restrictions set on this type of beverage. Also Read:  Things to [...]

Saudi Arabia is known for its strict laws and regulations, but did you know that this country is a home of best attractions in the Middle East? This place is not just a disciplined home but a vacation spot where expats and tourists find a great escape from the busy city life. Today, we are [...]


Qatar is another affluent country in Middle East which you can consider as your work haven and vacation spot. In this country, you can find the best attractions in the Gulf region. For more of its beauty, we introduce you the list of the top 10 best attractions in Qatar. Also Read: Tour Doha on a [...]

Alcohol Bahrain

Bahrain is another beautiful and rich country in Middle East. Most expats choose this country because of its unique features and unlimited opportunities. If you are an expat who loves to drink alcohol to release your stress from work, then, you’ll like Bahrain more for it has different provisions when it comes to alcohol. Also [...]

Banking Savings

You don’t need to be rich so you can live in a great city like Abu Dhabi. Expats usually go here for vacation or look for a job and in case you’re one of those people who found a reasons to live in this city, there are things you need to keep in mind when [...]

Alcohol Law Oman

Just like Dubai, UAE, Oman requires its residents to obtain alcohol license permit before they can buy or consume alcoholic drinks in the country. It’s obvious that the restrictions on alcohol usage has spread across the countries in the Middle East. And as an expat, you should be well aware of this regulation. Also Read: Labour [...]

Airport OFW

Considering Kuwait to be your next home? If yes and you are on a plan to move, there are things that you must first understand and know before relocating in Kuwait. To guide you about in your journey to repatriate, we’ve gathered some information that we think can help you in moving to this country. [...]