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Kuwait Towers

Working abroad may require additional documents aside from your passport and airplane tickets. These necessary documents also apply to OFWs who are  staying in a country for more than 3 months.  Either way, an expat should comply with the country’s arrangements to avoid any conflict while staying on a foreign county. Related post: Dos and [...]

Resignation UAE

Have you ever felt tired and thought of submitting a resignation letter to your employer? Quitting your job may be difficult and regardless of the reason, it will be your discretion. It may be due to being tired, you want a better pay grade, you have conflict with your co-workers or boss or it may [...]

Business Qatar

Did you think of starting up a business in Qatar? Many of us want to initiate our businesses in this country since it has one of the most expensive monetary currency in the world.  Prior to starting up a business here, most of us would have many questions. We hope that this article may help [...]

Dubai Business

Dubai is undoubtedly a great place to work. Apart from being a job haven, it is also a good city where you can start your business. With just simple steps and a few things to remember, you will be able to start earning big in this rich location within the country of UAE. We’re here [...]


Did you know there’s a streamlined option for making payments in Bahrain? Yes! This is now possible since this country has recently implemented a payment system where customers can pay merchandise using their phone. This payment system is called the EasyPay service. Also Read: Bahrain Ramadan Schedule and Guidelines Carrying cash and credit cards everyday may [...]

Transfer Money

Working abroad has never been easy, especially for expatriates who decided to be employed in the UAE for better job and salary. Most expats went overseas for employment so they can support their families at home who need basic needs of living. It may be for food and shelter, it may be for a tuition [...]

hospitals in bahrain

As an expat living and working in Bahrain, you should be mindful of your health whatever time of the day it is. It would be helpful if you know the nearest hospital in your place so the next time you feel bad and sick, you can get yourself checked before something worse comes up. If you [...]

oman road city

An expat’s life can be challenging. If it’s your first time to live in a foreign country, you will encounter a lot of difficulties especially when you’re on the stage of adjusting. A few of these challenges you will face includes going to a grocery store, how much the travel cost would be, where the [...]

schools in kuwait

Do you have kids with you in Kuwait and you just recently moved here? There are available international schools in this country perfect for the learning and development for your kids. To know more about these schools that can provide your children exceptional education background, you may refer to the list below. Also Read: Getting a [...]

how to behave in oman dos and donts

Oman is a good country where you can find the best job opportunities for you. This is also cool for people who wants to go on a tour in wadis and other mountainous places. For a better full experience, it is important for expats to be sensitive about the culture of Omani and take into [...]