Alcohol Laws in Bahrain

Bahrain is another beautiful and rich country in Middle East. Most expats choose this country because of its unique features and unlimited opportunities. If you are an expat who loves to drink alcohol to release your stress from work, then, you’ll like Bahrain more for it has different provisions when it comes to alcohol.

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Hotels are not the only place where alcohol is served in Bahrain. There are many places like clubs, pubs and restaurants that offer this beverage. The government of Bahrain attempted to ban alcohol completely by adding more tax on liquor products. For more alcohol provisions in Bahrain, here are the things you should know.

Alcohol Bahrain

Guide: Drinking Alcohol in Bahrain

  • Before you can buy or consume alcoholic drinks in Bahrain, make sure that you are qualified under these circumstances:
    • You are 21 years old and above.
    • You are non-Muslim
  • Non-Muslims can buy alcohols from special stores like restaurants, pubs, and clubs.
  • There are restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, however. The following are some of the major restrictions:
    • Getting drunk on public places is an offense punishable by fines and jail time.
    • Driving while under the influence of alcohol is illegal and if you are caught, you will be facing time in prison and/or pay fines.
  • There is no need for alcohol permit but see to it that you are watching out for the restrictions.

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Stores Where You Can Buy Alcohol in Bahrain

  • BMMI shops
  • African + Eastern (A&E) shops
  • Gulf Brands International Retail Outlets
  • NHSC Shop
  • Special restaurants, clubs, and bars

Yes, there is no need for alcohol license but restrictions are part of the compliance process. If you are an expat currently living in the country or if you have relatives and families going here, be sure to educate them about the usage of alcohol to avoid future conflicts. The best thing you can contribute in the country of Bahrain is to be a responsible citizen and follow the rules.

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