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Kuwait Towers

Working abroad may require additional documents aside from your passport and airplane tickets. These necessary documents also apply to OFWs who are  staying in a country for more than 3 months.  Either way, an expat should comply with the country’s arrangements to avoid any conflict while staying on a foreign county. Related post: Dos and [...]

schools in kuwait

Do you have kids with you in Kuwait and you just recently moved here? There are available international schools in this country perfect for the learning and development for your kids. To know more about these schools that can provide your children exceptional education background, you may refer to the list below. Also Read: Getting a [...]

kuwait dos and donts

If you are taking into consideration Kuwait as your future home or workplace, you must keep in mind some things that need your observance. One way you can show your respect to Kuwait is by following the rules they set not only for their citizens to obey but as well as for tourists and expats. [...]

driving license kuwait

Living in Kuwait doesn’t have to be inconvenient. There are a lot of alternatives for you to make things easier when you are living in this country–driving your own car is one. But before you can drive your rented or owned car, you must obtain a driving license first. Related Post: Working Hours and Salary Guidelines in [...]

work leaves and holidays in kuwait

Aside from salary, working hours, and overtime, employees in Kuwait need to know the leaves as well as these are essential elements in an employee contract. Other than the weekends, employees should also be entitled to leaves annually which they can use to rest and redeem themselves after a year of working. If you’re an [...]

kuwait job search tips

For expats who consider Kuwait to be a place where they can work, there are certain things you need to remember so you won’t have deal with employment conflicts when you get here in the country. Some of these things include how the labour law works, how you would be able to get the right [...]

salary work hours kuwait

Just like the other countries in Middle East, Kuwait has interesting things to offer when talking about employment. Some expats chose to work here for different reasons and for sure, one factor is that there is no personal taxation in this country. If you’re just started working here in this country or planning to within [...]

360 shopping mall kuwait

Some people fly abroad to work or to travel. Either way, people deserve to experience leisure in life while going from one country to another. By leisure, we mean doing fun activities without thinking about any work related matter. In Kuwait, you’ll find a lot of things to do if you are someone fond of [...]

Alcohol is completely banned in Kuwait and this is not because of the desire of the state to take away the privilege from its residence. There are reasons behind the banning and one major thing is to make the country a disciplined one. Most of the countries in Middle East has alcohol laws and Kuwait [...]

selling your car in kuwait

Planning to sell your car in Kuwait for some reasons like upgrading your car, switching to a different brand, or leaving the country? Don’t worry because in this country, you have the liberty to sell your car to anyone interested in buying it! After getting your license, it’s time to get a vehicle. Here are [...]