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Burj Al Arab Dubai

You’re one lucky person if you are living or working in Dubai because we all know, this city in UAE is the most popular among expats and tourists. If you’re wondering why we say so, it is because of its rich resources, great opportunities, and awesome places. To give you more info about Dubai’s great [...]

Abu Dhabi Traffic

There are a lot of traffic violations in Abu Dhabi. Because it’s one of the most popular city throughout the country. The state has implemented specific laws and regulations for every act that affects people and properties. Also Read: Dos and Don’ts in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is a great city in UAE. There’s no surprise [...]

alcohol law in uae

Most expats enjoy alcoholic drinks, it gives them entertainment and pleasure. This may be a big challenge for expats who cannot live a day without a good drink, for them, it is their motivation. It’s even difficult to get drunk in Dubai, because of its restrictions set on this type of beverage. Also Read:  Things to [...]

Banking Savings

You don’t need to be rich so you can live in a great city like Abu Dhabi. Expats usually go here for vacation or look for a job and in case you’re one of those people who found a reasons to live in this city, there are things you need to keep in mind when [...]

Once you are in Dubai, you won’t look for another place to work or live. This is a rich city where everything can be found and accessed with a just a tap. Now that you are in the country where there are unlimited chances to enjoy life, why don’t you try these top 10 things [...]

Find Work

Deciding to leave your family from your homeland and work abroad are not the only challenges expats have faced. Looking for a good job is one of the hardest obstacles an expat will have to encounter. Not everyone has the skills to look for a good job, some rely on their acquaintances or relatives for [...]

Dubai Business

Have you thought about getting a land property abroad? Many opportunities await expats who travel overseas. There are job vacancies, tourist attractions and land properties to be bought. However, there are limits in terms of buying your own, for instance, foreign nationals are only allowed to get condo-units in some countries. As an individual who [...]

Business Qatar

In UAE, there’s always a room for everybody, whether you like to live here as an employee or venture into business like any other entrepreneurs. If you are an expat who wants to start a business in this country, there are things you have to keep in mind to successfully run your own company. In [...]

Resignation UAE

Have you ever felt tired and thought of submitting a resignation letter to your employer? Quitting your job may be difficult and regardless of the reason, it will be your discretion. It may be due to being tired, you want a better pay grade, you have conflict with your co-workers or boss or it may [...]

best time to shop dubai

Spending too much does not make you rich. You should always remember that if you want to have a financial freedom one day. In Dubai, there are things that we are willing to spend our money on. It’s possible to go shopping everyday since there are big malls everywhere. You can dine to every restaurant [...]