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Banking Savings

You don’t need to be rich so you can live in a great city like Abu Dhabi. Expats usually go here for vacation or look for a job and in case you’re one of those people who found a reasons to live in this city, there are things you need to keep in mind when [...]

Alcohol Law Oman

Just like Dubai, UAE, Oman requires its residents to obtain alcohol license permit before they can buy or consume alcoholic drinks in the country. It’s obvious that the restrictions on alcohol usage has spread across the countries in the Middle East. And as an expat, you should be well aware of this regulation. Also Read: Labour [...]

Work Abroad

Expats go abroad for different reasons. For someone who belongs in the expat population overseas, you might say that you came in the country you’re in right now because part of yourself wants to experience a different ambiance. But, is that it? There are still other things behind those decisions and to enlighten you with [...]

Once you are in Dubai, you won’t look for another place to work or live. This is a rich city where everything can be found and accessed with a just a tap. Now that you are in the country where there are unlimited chances to enjoy life, why don’t you try these top 10 things [...]

Sandstorm UAE

If you are currently living in the Gulf Region, you will likely experience extreme hot weather during summer. Aside from this, you will encounter sandstorms especially in the deserted place. If you ever experience yourself facing a sandstorm, there are effective ways on how you can overcome this natural phenomenon. Also Read: Guide on How To [...]

Business Qatar

Working abroad as an employee makes you think of other business opportunities, there will be a time where you will think of alternatives to earn more money while you are away from home. Since Oman is allowing foreign nationals to start business in this country, it’s a great chance to maximize your income. To learn [...]

Network Expand

Building a global network is not just applicable to one place. It is an essential technique if you want to grow your career regardless of the country you are in. It will be your great advantage if you will learn how to strengthen you connections especially that expat life abroad is tough. To enlighten you [...]

Online Reading

Online reading is becoming a trend worldwide, there are more people switching from newspaper or magazine reading to reading online articles and online news. This is because online articles are more accessible and you just need to use your smart phones, laptops, and tablets to search for hundreds of news and blogs at a time. [...]

Hospital Kuwait

You can go to different hospitals available in Kuwait, for emergency purposes and medical certificates. Just like any other countries in the world, Kuwait watches for everyone’s health and it is one thing this country care about the most. If you feel the need to go to a doctor, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest [...]

Dubai Business

Have you thought about getting a land property abroad? Many opportunities await expats who travel overseas. There are job vacancies, tourist attractions and land properties to be bought. However, there are limits in terms of buying your own, for instance, foreign nationals are only allowed to get condo-units in some countries. As an individual who [...]