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Kuwait Towers

Working abroad may require additional documents aside from your passport and airplane tickets. These necessary documents also apply to OFWs who are  staying in a country for more than 3 months.  Either way, an expat should comply with the country’s arrangements to avoid any conflict while staying on a foreign county. Related post: Dos and [...]

Transfer Money

Working abroad has never been easy, especially for expatriates who decided to be employed in the UAE for better job and salary. Most expats went overseas for employment so they can support their families at home who need basic needs of living. It may be for food and shelter, it may be for a tuition [...]

oman road city

An expat’s life can be challenging. If it’s your first time to live in a foreign country, you will encounter a lot of difficulties especially when you’re on the stage of adjusting. A few of these challenges you will face includes going to a grocery store, how much the travel cost would be, where the [...]

how to behave in oman dos and donts

Oman is a good country where you can find the best job opportunities for you. This is also cool for people who wants to go on a tour in wadis and other mountainous places. For a better full experience, it is important for expats to be sensitive about the culture of Omani and take into [...]

kuwait cost of living guide

Kuwait is one rich country, but it is cheaper to live in here than in any other countries in Middle East like Qatar and UAE. If you are considering Kuwait as your work haven or a country where you can spend the rest of your life, there are few thing you need to keep in [...]

dos and donts dubai

Considering Dubai as a place where you can take your vacation or possibly land a good job there? Before you fly to this city, there are things you need to keep in mind knowing that UAE has strict rules when it comes to certain activities. Here are some tips and some do’s and dont’s when [...]

kuwait dos and donts

If you are taking into consideration Kuwait as your future home or workplace, you must keep in mind some things that need your observance. One way you can show your respect to Kuwait is by following the rules they set not only for their citizens to obey but as well as for tourists and expats. [...]

If you’re an expat currently working in Oman or planning to do so, there are important regulations according to the Oman Labor Law that you should be aware of. Understanding these provisions can save you from trouble someday. Whether you are dealing with employees or employers, the list of provisions in this article will surely [...]

kuwait job search tips

For expats who consider Kuwait to be a place where they can work, there are certain things you need to remember so you won’t have deal with employment conflicts when you get here in the country. Some of these things include how the labour law works, how you would be able to get the right [...]

GO Card Bus Transport Bahrain

All of those who are wondering how to use the public bus transport system in Bahrain, you need to first secure a GO card which is the main card used to tap when you enter the bus. This is a reloadable top up card which will be used when you board the bus. Using privates [...]