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Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia violations at work

Saudi Arabia is among the popular countries in Middle East known by most expats. Not only because it is a country enriched by oil reserves and gold, but because of the unending great opportunities here. Speaking of opportunities, Saudi Arabia has so much more in store for foreign nationals–like better jobs, improved lifestyle, learning of [...]

saudi arabia dos and donts

If you are thinking to work in Saudi Arabia or pay a visit there during your vacation period, it’s very to important to know that there are things you need to keep in mind so you won’t end up spending jail time or getting deported. Related Post: Punishments for Violating Saudi Labour Rules Saudi Arabia [...]

saudi arabia work visa application

Opportunities don’t end in your comfort zone. Most of the time, the job you’ve been wanting to get is somewhere across the globe, waiting for you. Maybe this is one of the reasons why many people still venture into places other than their home countries. As a good news, countries don’t just offer opportunities for [...]

Steps in Getting a Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

As an employee, you must understand the way how an employment in Saudi works because you might miss some important details if you don’t pay attention to the things that matter. While working, you must be knowledgeable not only about your employer but as well as about the existing contract between you two. Here we share [...]

saudi re entry visa

Going to Saudi Arabia as a tourist or employee is just as easy as going to other countries across the globe. There are certain processes and if you comply with all those procedures, there will be no problem if you stay here for as long as you wish. But the problem is, there are times [...]


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – BOUNCE Middle East, a famous adventure trampoline park brand in the region has just opened the first female-only trampoline park and is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. BOUNCE Rawdah branch is a 3,500 square meter warehouse that has been converted into a huge venue for entertainment and challenging course. This is [...]

riyadh saudi public transport

Since there are a lot of new faces who come in Saudi Arabia every year, it is no surprise to see people from different countries roaming around the major places like the airport, market, and malls. Saudi Arabia is a big country- full of vacant jobs, popular establishments, and tourist spots. This is why many [...]

saudi arabia top companies

A lot of expats are considering Saudi Arabia as a great place to work. It is wise to choose this country since it has a huge number of job opportunities that can offer foreign nationals. Although the price of oil has a constant increase and decrease, the economy is still expected to grow and stabilize [...]