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Qatar is another affluent country in Middle East which you can consider as your work haven and vacation spot. In this country, you can find the best attractions in the Gulf region. For more of its beauty, we introduce you the list of the top 10 best attractions in Qatar. Also Read: Tour Doha on a [...]

Business Qatar

Did you think of starting up a business in Qatar? Many of us want to initiate our businesses in this country since it has one of the most expensive monetary currency in the world.  Prior to starting up a business here, most of us would have many questions. We hope that this article may help [...]

qatar budget supermarkets

Everyday, we face different extraordinary challenges. Be it in the household or at the office, errands are a part of our lives. As part of our daily living, we are responsible to provide our basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. Speaking of food, did you know that you can actually shop for cheaper [...]

what you should not post online rules

The emergence of the internet is one of the good things technology has produced for us. It makes it easier for us to communicate with family and friends back home as well as expressing ourselves. It is important though, that since we are in a Gulf region, we should be aware that there are certain [...]

arijit singh qatar

Catch Arijit Singh, live in Doha at the Lusail Sports Arena on January 18 for a live performance as part of his concert tour. Event Name: Arijit Singh Live in Concert Date: 18th Jan, 2019 Location: Lusail Sports Arena, Qatar Live Concert in Doha: Arijit Singh on January 18, 2019 OneFM Radio, in association with [...]

doha bus tour

For expats who want to experience touring in Doha in Qatar but worrying about the amount of money you are going to spend to make it happen, we’ve got you covered! Yes, you can tour around and explore the beauty of this capital city just by riding the bus. Want to know more about it? [...]

Are you someone who takes earning money seriously? Do you frequently find yourself searching for different ways to budget your salary or earn money without dropping a sweat? Well, most people are like you. Many of us have tried various means to increment the cash we’re holding or at least find another channel to increase [...]

alcohol license guide qatar

Many countries have adopted different processes and laws in order to control the use of alcohol among citizens. One of these countries is Qatar, where purchasing and drinking of alcohol is banned unless you have a permit to do so. Speaking of permits, Qatar allows its citizens and expats to get a license to legally [...]

qatar labour law vacation leaves

When you work as an employee, you get different perks such as your basic salary, bonuses, medical assistance, insurance, and leaves. Each employee is entitled to these benefits as long as he/she is working for that current employer. Aside from monetary advantages, employees should note that non-monetary rewards are among those best benefits they could [...]

“Reflect your respect.” This is just one of the slogans you can see around Qatar, indeed a strategic way to encourage tourists and expats to show their respect not only to its citizens but also to its culture. Not to avoid modernization but to promote its long living tradition, Qatar still values its respect for [...]