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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Dubai Global Village

Famous Qawwali singer, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will be at the Dubai Global Village on January 11, 2019 for a concert at the park’s Main Stage area. What’s great about this is that fans of the personality can watch him perform live by visiting the popular Dubai tourist attraction. Also Read: Arijit Singh Live in Concert [...]

why work in abu dhabi

Working in Abu Dhabi might be your greatest decision to make this year and if you haven’t found the sign whether to push through or not, this article will surely help you out because we’re going to unlock the advantages of working expats in this country! Read: DO’s and DONT’s in Abu Dhabi, UAE If [...]

abu dhabi labour law

Abu Dhabi is surely one of the most popular cities for expats in UAE. This place is not just popular because of big shopping malls and extraordinary architecture worthy of a tourist visit but also because of unlimited great job opportunities here offered to foreign nationals. For your information, there are labor laws guiding every [...]

dos and donts in abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a great city and is the capital (yes Dubai, is NOT the capital) of the United Arab Emirates. It has been welcoming to expats and foreign nationals with warmth for several years now. For first-comers, patience is required during the stages of adjustment as there might be a big difference between your [...]

uae freelancer work permit

Now that more and more people are choosing to work from home, there’s no surprise there is an increasing number of freelancers. If it happens that you working in Dubai and the UAE you suddenly want to just work from home and be a freelancer, there is a way you can legally work in Dubai [...]

top companies in dubai

It is challenging to find a right work overseas especially if it’s your first time going there and you only have a limited time to seek for a job. But no matter what the drawback is, you shouldn’t be stopped from starting to step on your path to success. Speaking of job opportunities abroad, are [...]

relocating to dubai

One of the important things you should consider when you want to work or live abroad is the cost of moving from your home country to another. It’s not like you are going to transfer from one place to another within your city, it’s moving to a totally different country with a new culture, new [...]

If you’re earning enough salary, the first thing you should do is invest in yourself. It doesn’t matter if your investment is high or low as long as you are setting aside a portion of your income to put into savings or investments. This should be the first thing to do if you’re an expat [...]