Du Internet Packages in Dubai

Aside from Etisalat, Du is also an internet provider in Dubai that has been serving millions of customers from locals to expats. What’s good about the internet in Dubai is that you get to have choices when it comes to vendors. You are free to choose if you want to get a service from Etisalat or Du or you can try both to see what gives a better kind of service and connection.

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Internet connection is important for expats since this serves as a way for you to communicate with your family and friends in your home country. Without getting online, communication would be slower. Imagine the hassle of sending emails instead of chats. And how much do you have to pay for international calls when there is a video chat? An Internet connection can give you so many advantages that you would want to set up your connection as early as you can.

Internet Connection Dubai DU

What is the requirement needed to set up a connection?

  • Your passport with a valid residency visa
  • Your Emirates ID if applicable
  • Your tenancy contract or utility bills as proof of residency
  • If the tenancy contract is not under your name, you will have to present an authorization letter together with the Emirates ID of the owner.

What are Du’s Internet Packages?

  • Starter – OSN basic package, 20 Mbps, and bonuses such as IPTV box, standard WiFI router, and free calls to UAE landlines for AED 379.
  • Basic – OSN preferred TV package, 40 Mbps and bonuses such as IPTV box, WiFi router, and free calls to UAE landlines for AED 459.
  • Advanced – OSN, BEIN, preferred TV package, 60 Mbps and bonuses such as IPTV box, WiFi router, free calls to UAE landlines for AED 579.
  • Ultimate – OSN, BEIN, preferred TV package, 100 Mbps, IPTV box, WiFi router, and free calls to UAE landlines for AED 999.

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You should be reminded that the standard contract for Du’s internet packages is 24 months. There is a one-time activation fee is AED 200. There will also be a refundable fee of AED 150 for the TV box.

What are the charges on my first bill?

Since there will be an activation and deposit fee, your first bill would total to your first monthly subscription plus AED 200 for the activation fee and deposit fee of AED 200.

How do I pay for my monthly bill?

You can pay in cash after receiving your monthly bill in official Du branches or other recognized outlets. Aside from cash, you can also opt auto-payment using your credit card so you won’t have to pay for the AED 200 home deposit fee. You can always cancel the auto-payment arrangement.
It’s also important to remember that you can always cancel your internet connection. You can downgrade or cancel the plan altogether. Keep in mind that there will be fees when you cancel the plan before the contract expires.

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