Things You Should Know About UAE if You’re a First-Time Visitor

UAE is one of the most popular places in the Middle East, especially for expats. Some of the many reasons why may include the booming oil industry, work, and business opportunities, and its modernized ambiance. It is also known as the gold district because it houses tons of gold, silver, and other minerals that rich people can afford.

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If you are planning to go to UAE or you are currently having your first visit here, it is of great importance to get to know what kind of country it is. It is essential that you have already obtained some information about the country you are visiting so the moment you get in it, you don’t have to spend so much time adjusting. To keep you guided, we listed the top 20 things you should know about UAE if you are a first time visitor.

UAE Gold

Top 20 Things About UAE 

  1. No Income Tax
    In UAE, your income won’t be taxed, regardless of how much you make in an hour, day, week, or year.
  2. There are 7 Emirates in UAE
    namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm al-Quain, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaima, and Ajman. Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be considered as the most popular so far.
  3. There are only a few Emiratis
    They are about 10-15% of the population.
  4. Most people in the UAE are from different regions in the world
    Meaning to say, most are foreigners so you will be able to see a lot of different and unique people.
  5. Dress according to your preference
    Unlike other countries in the Middle East, UAE is not strict when it comes to dress
  6. Shopping can be expensive
    Since there are a lot of international brands in this country, people usually spend more on shopping. Plus, there are many big malls in the place.
  7. Shopping malls are air-conditioned
    Shopping malls can be your perfect place if you are feeling hot under the sun.
  8. Summer can be very hot
    Summers in UAE is not like the usual summers of other countries. Most of the time, it is hot here which is why people frequently go to nearby beaches and malls.
  9. Weekends fall on Fridays and Saturdays
    Usually, your weekends are Saturdays and Sundays but since you are in UAE, you should be aware that the start of your weekend can be adjusted to Friday.
  10. Friday is Prayer Day
    Instead of Sundays, people in UAE pray during Fridays.
  11. Before you can buy any alcoholic beverages, a license is required
    Purchasing alcoholic drinks won’t be possible in the country unless you have a license or permit.
  12. No to driving under the influence of alcohol
    UAE does not tolerate driving and drinking.
  13. Getting drunk in public places is illegal
    If you wanna have some fun with your friends, better do it at home when you know you are going to exceed your alcohol tolerance.
  14. No casinos
    There are no gambling places in the country.
  15. It is illegal to commit adultery and prostitution
    If you get caught having an affair without marriage, you will be spending your visiting hours defending yourself in the court.
  16. There are banned apps
    Apps such as Skype and Facetime are banned., but you may use other registered applications to make calls.
  17. Ramadan is strictly observed
    Showing your respect during Ramadan season is highly appreciated.
  18. Pork is only available to some places
    Not all locations and dining places have pork. It is the tradition of Muslims not to eat pork.
  19. Different kinds of food are available
    If you’re craving for some Thai or Korean food, you don’t have yo fly to those countries to taste what they make. It’s all here in UAE!
  20. Tips are accepted
    In the UAE, great customer service is being acknowledged by giving tips customarily.

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UAE’s beliefs and practices are not limited to these things. You may still observe a lot of traditions and activities that you can only see or do in this country. It’s free to observe but do it rightly.

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