How to Compute Gratuity in Qatar

Leaving your current job but you don’t know if you are going to receive compensation for it? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we are going to talk about how you would be able to determine your gratuity pay or your end-of-service compensation if you worked here in Qatar.

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Working for one employer for a long period of time can be tiring. Good thing you don’t have to work forever for that same company. Here in Qatar, you got a lot of options. If you think finding another company that will honor your professional skills is better, you can always choose to leave your work. Relative to you leaving your work, you have to acknowledge that you have are entitled to a gratuity pay if you served more than one year for the same company. To know more about it, here’s your guide to determine your pay.

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Guide to Your Gratuity Pay in Qatar

  • According to Article 51, you have the right to terminate your contract with your employer and receive full gratuity pay under the following situations:
    • Your employer breached his obligations as said in your contract
    • You have been physically assaulted by your employer
    • You have been misled to enter the contract
    • Your work has health and safety threats.
  • According to Article 54, you are entitled to receive gratuity pay or end-of-service compensation if you have served for one year or more for your employer. The amount is agreed upon by both parties and should not be less than the employee’s 3-week salary. The basis for computation is the basic salary of the worker.
  • According to Article 55, if the employee dies while he’s employed, the employer is responsible to deposit with the court any remaining wages plus the gratuity pay within 15 days after the date of death. The court will then distribute the money to the heirs of the deceased.
    According to Article 56, if the employer applies a retirement system or alike, the employee will not receive a gratuity pay anymore. In case the net benefit from the retirement system is lesser than what should have been the gratuity pay, the employer is then responsible to give to the employee the contributions that have not been put into the retirement system.
  • According to Article 61, an employer may dismiss an employee without paying him gratuity compensation if he lived under a false identity and disobey what’s written in their contract. Any misbehavior can also affect his employment.

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Determining your gratuity pay is simple as long as you know the law and regulations. To help your families and friends here in Qatar, don’t forget to share with them this knowledge as it is important to maintain their good employment in the country.

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