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Bahrain Mosque

Bahrain might just be another country for you but it actually hides several gems and treasures other than its oil reserve. It is a place known by expats because of its many options of employment and business. Yet, did you know where else in Bahrain you could get good views, other than work? Also Read: Top [...]

Work Abroad

Expats go abroad for different reasons. For someone who belongs in the expat population overseas, you might say that you came in the country you’re in right now because part of yourself wants to experience a different ambiance. But, is that it? There are still other things behind those decisions and to enlighten you with [...]

Once you are in Dubai, you won’t look for another place to work or live. This is a rich city where everything can be found and accessed with a just a tap. Now that you are in the country where there are unlimited chances to enjoy life, why don’t you try these top 10 things [...]

Sandstorm UAE

If you are currently living in the Gulf Region, you will likely experience extreme hot weather during summer. Aside from this, you will encounter sandstorms especially in the deserted place. If you ever experience yourself facing a sandstorm, there are effective ways on how you can overcome this natural phenomenon. Also Read: Guide on How To [...]

Kuwait Traffic

Kuwait is just a small country compared to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This country proves that you don’t need to be the largest to be called the richest. Despite it being a small home for Kuwaitis, did you know that Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the Gulf Region? For more information why [...]

Kuwait Traffic

Kuwait’s government is doing their best to regulate the country and make it a safe place for its residents. Like any other countries in Middle East, Kuwait is strict when it comes to driving and traffic policies. This is the reason why you should be more careful in the road when you are driving your [...]

Restaurant Qatar

Are you craving for a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner? If you are in Doha, Qatar and you are someone who is looking for restaurants where you can satisfy your cravings, there are outstanding diners to look at in this city. Also Read: Tour Doha on a Bus: A How-To Guide Qatar, despite being a small [...]

Saudi Arabia Mosque

Saudi Arabia is a very rich yet strict country. No matter what your nationality is, you won’t get any special treatment from this country. This is one of the many good things to live for in this country- living in discipline and equality. If you haven’t been in this region, you should consider visiting Saudi [...]

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait is undoubtedly one of the richest countries in the Middle East. In fact, it has the sixth largest oil reserve in the world. This is one of the reasons why many expats are going to Kuwait every year. But aside from great job opportunities and wealth, does Kuwait offer more to expats and tourist? Also Read: Best [...]


In present, Saudi Arabia’s population is consisted of about 78% expat hires. While visiting this country, you will witness the majority of the foreign nationals than locals. You’ll surely bump into some people of different beliefs, culture or traditions. Despite the fact that most of the country’s people are expats, the Islamic culture and discipline [...]