Maternity Leave in Oman

It doesn’t matter if you are born in Oman or an expat. As an employee, you have equal rights in Oman. Specifically for mothers who are expecting a baby, you are entitled to maternity leaves during your service period at your current job. You must understand that it is a privilege for women employees because not everyone at work gets to have the same kind of special leaves.

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It is a challenge to bear a child for 9 months long. Think about how hard it is to experience morning sickness and recover from the damages of delivering the child. Since it is important to protect a woman’s rights, every employer should give every woman employee the right to leave work to attend to their child’s need and rest to heal. Here’s the list of everything about this special leave.

Pregnant Woman Maternity

About Maternity Leaves in Oman

  • According to the Decree No.35/2003 under the Oman Labor Law, women working for private employers are entitled to special 50-day maternity leave. This leave covers the time before and after the delivery of her child with a payment equivalent to her salary per day.
  • For private-sector employees, the maternity leave cannot be used more than 3 times unless the woman employee transfers to another company/employer.
  • For public sector employees, the maternity leave can be used up to 5 times during the service period of the woman employee.
  • The maternity protection provision is implemented to enable women employees to put together their reproductive and productive roles so they may be able to exercise equal opportunities for employment without having health threats.
  • According to Article 84, no employer shall fire a woman employee just because she is on maternity leave. The absence from work with regards to maternity should also be proved by a medical certificate.
  • As said in the Decree No.286/2008, the employer should take precautions to avoid exposing woman employees to threats that could harm her delivery of the child or safety of the fetus.
  • If these provisions are not followed and committed more than once in a year, the employer will receive punishments like imprisonment for not more than a month.

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These are the major things you should know about maternity leaves in Oman. As for paternity leaves, there are no provisions regulating for the father-to-be employees but the government is successful to contract some private employees to establish their own leave system that includes a father’s leave. Some companies can permit up to a 7-day leave for father employees. Don’t forget to share this information with your family and friends. Exercise your right as employees in Oman.

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