What You Need to Know About Notice Period in UAE

Once you submit your resignation letter to your employer, expect to get a response that you will need to render a certain time before your contract is completely ended. If you are a first time employee, this period is called the notice period. Don’t worry, as an employee you must be familiar with this period in your lifetime.

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Expats working in UAE like you may have a lot of questions about the notice period in this country. This article will answer if not all, most of your queries regarding this matter. To start with, here are the things you need to know as an expatriate working anywhere in UAE.

Employment Notice Period

All About Notice Period in the United Arab Emirates

The notice period is mandatory

Do I really need to render the notice period given by my employer? The answer is a loud yes! The notice period is mandatory in UAE since it is written in the contract and agreed with by both employer and employee. If you don’t like to spend a little bit more in your current company, you can choose to pay compensation with a letter waiving your notice period.

The notice period can be 30 days or more.

Yes, it is true that the minimum notice period is 30 days for employees who are receiving monthly wages. This doesn’t mean that you are only limited to spend 30 days because it can be more than 30 days. Expect to receive 1 to 3 months notice from your employer.

An employee cannot work beyond the notice period.

In the UAE, it is illegal to render a service after the notice period has ended. You have the right to decline your employer’s offer as you are only responsible to work within your notice period.

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If you don’t serve the notice period, you will face certain punishments.

Punishments are given to employees who are caught disobeying the UAE labor law. If youdon’t serve the notice period, it is likely that you will get banned from working in this country again. Here’s what going to happen: your employer will file a case against you to be received by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. It will then be investigated by the court. You still have the right to appeal though, but once proven that you did not follow the law, prepare to say goodbye to UAE.

The notice period starts on the date of your resignation.

If you’re asking when do your notice period starts, remember when you did submit your resignation letter. Whether you sent it via mail, email, or handed it our personally to your employer, it comes into effect the day you submitted it.

So far, here are the major things you need to know about the notice period in the UAE. One way you can get around your employee rights is by reading your employee contract since it indicates almost all your privileges while working for your current employer. Share this thought to your friends and family to make them aware.

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