Basic Guide to Working in Bahrain

For the record, many expats have chosen to work in Bahrain since opportunities are overflowing in this country and there is a huge chance to earn a better wage.

Still, a lot of people find pleasure in working abroad. Not because there are no opportunities in their home lands but because of some reasons such as earning bigger wages, experiencing a different culture, and mingling with various types of people.

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working in bahrain guide
Working in Bahrain

Understanding the Labour Set-up in Bahrain

If you are currently employed or planning to work in Bahrain, there are laws and guidelines you should be aware of. In this article, we summarize each and every law that can help you understand how their employment system works. Please take note of these terms and insights so you can understand some basic concepts and ideas.

To keep you guided, below are the things you should know.

The Labor Market Regulatory Authority

Did you know that a government unit facilitates the whole process of coming to Bahrain? Yes, this government agency is known as the Labor Market Regulatory Authority. For your information, it handles everything you need as an expat such as applying for a working visa, residency permit, transferring of work visa from one employer to another, and setting medical appointments in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Applying for a working visa in Bahrain

To apply for a working visa, you must submit the following requirements:

  • Working visa application form
  • Passport for identification
  • Passport sized pictures
  • Medical certificate from a licensed clinic or hospital
  • Copy of employment contract
  • Sponsorship letter containing the applicant’s name, birthday, nationality, employer, salary, and commercial registration number.
  • A fee of BD 1000

Applying for a residency permit or family visa

To apply for a residency permit or family visa if you’re planning to bring your family in Bahrain, you must provide the following requirements and submit it to LMRA:

  • Family visa or residency permit application form
  • Passport for identification
  • Health records of your family from an authorized hospital or clinic
  • Copy of your employment contract
  • Sponsorship letter from your employer
  • A fee of BD 22 per head

Applying for CPR Card

To apply for a CPR Card also know as the identification card in Bahrain, you must submit the following documents:

  • Passport for identification
  • Sponsorship letter from your employer with additional information about your dependents of any
  • Marriage certificate for spouse and birth certificate for children
  • A fee of BD 1 per head

To make sure all these requirements are complied with, you should bring the documents with you to avoid the hassle. You can always check the website of LMRA to check the validity of your visa and the approved clinics or hospitals where you can get your medical certificate. Just a few steps and you’re approved to work in Bahrain legally.

It is very important that you understand what are the steps and procedures on how to find work in Bahrain and how to keep it. The visa terms, process, getting a residence ID, and where to ask help for labour concerns are just some of the basic knowledge you should be aware of. Keep in mind these tips in order to find a better idea and insight about the system in this Gulf region.

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