Spending Ramadan in Bahrain: General Rules and Guidelines

There are indeed various beliefs, culture, and traditions existing in the world. One of which is Ramadan—a tradition observed by Muslims across the globe. Since variety of religions has been established, we are not new in this so-called Ramadan. We all know that there is specific date to celebrate it, the dos and don’ts and the people who commemorate it.

Being a Muslim country, Bahrain is one of the countries that recognize Ramadan and celebrates it. In case you are an expat working in Bahrain or you are a traveller planning to visit the country, you should at least know what to expect during the Ramadan season. To keep you guided, we collected information and listed it below.

bahrain ramadan schedule guide
Ramadan season in Bahrain

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is one of the major celebrations in Islamic lunar calendar. It is a time for fasting, giving, praying, and reflecting. It is remembers the time when Prophet Mohammad knew about the Quran for the first time. For Muslims, it is very important to take part in this celebration. When the sun rises, Muslims take their pre-meal called the suhoor and when the sun sets, they take their last meal called the iftar. There are no meals in between.

What happens during Ramadam?

As an expat, you should expect some changes in your surroundings during the celebration of Ramadan. To cooperate with the Muslims,

  • Stores will not be operating during the day but will be opened during the night through the early morning.
  • Businesses and governments will be serving from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM only.
  • No restaurants will serve alcohol or play music for entertainment.

When is the Ramadan Schedule in Bahrain?

To know when is Ramadan celebrated, expats in Bahrain usually wait for official announcements either through the Saudi Arabia meteorology experts because Saudi is known to be the place of Mecca – Islam’s holiest city and the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad).

So the schedule is dependent on the sighting of the moon. Usually it falls on the month of June, and would normally coincide with the dates of other Gulf countries.

How do I show my respect during Ramadan?

To simply put it, here’s the list of things you should observe to reflect your respect to Muslims:

  • Dress properly. Wear clothes covering your knees, shoulders, and chest.
  • Greet each other “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak” as a sign of prosperity.
  • You can donate to the charity since almsgiving is an essential part of the celebration.
  • You can join Muslims to Iftar in order to learn more about Ramadan and their traditions.
  • Do not eat or drink in public places, even in your car, to show respect for those who are fasting.
  • No public display of affection during Ramadan, although we all know that this applies throughout the time.
  • Avoid playing loud music in your home or in your car.
  • No offensive gesture or words.

To blend in, we should show our respect by following these guidelines. The solemnity of Ramadan should be maintained as this is an important aspect of the life of Muslims. The rules are simple and as expats, cooperating is highly appreciated.

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