Bahrain Labour Law: Working Hours and Leave Vacations

Bahrain is indeed a beautiful country to live and to work. In fact, it is one of the chosen countries of most of the expats who almost spend their time to work in different places other than their home lands. According to survey conducted by Expat Insider, 9 out of 10 expats have happy lives in Bahrain. This is such a great news for the country because who wouldn’t want to get their place popular? Especially for tourists and foreigners? This experience does not only give expats an opportunity to live a happy life but also to Bahrain on becoming a country where people choose to spend their lives.

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If you are someone who currently work and planning to in Bahrain, there are certain guidelines you should know if you want a peaceful stay in the country. These guidelines are all about the working hours, rests, meals, and other provisions an employee can use throughout his/her employment. Since we care about informing you, here is the list of the things you should be aware of.

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Bahrain Labour Guide on Work Hours and Vacations

Working and Rest Hours

  • A regular employee gets 8 working hours a day equivalent to 48 working hours a week. For Muslims, they get to work 6 hours a day equal to 36 hours weekly during Ramadam.
  • From Article 53, an employee may extend his/her working hours more than 8 but should not exceed 10 hours.
  • For overtime hours, an employee should receive 125% of his/her hourly rate. While during the night, an employee should receive 150% of his/her hourly rate.

Meals, Prayers, and Rest Schedule

  • An employee should not work for 6 consecutive hours as there should be less than 30 minutes to be used in prayers, meals, and rests.
  • When an employee works during his/her rest day, he/she should be paid 150% of his regular pay.
  • The weekly rest day is usually Friday. An employee can replace this to any day of the week.
  • An employee should not stay for more than 11 hours in his/her workplace.

Other Related Laws

  • The employer is required to post the working and resting hours/days within the premises of the workplace.
  • The Ministry of Labor may schedule different working and resting hours/days depending on the work needs.
  • Those who work night shift are entitled to a pay under the occupational confinement system.

Then again, laws can save you from any trouble. If you’re an expat, you should always be aware of your surroundings, especially the rules that comes with it.

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