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Steps in Getting a Work Visa in Saudi Arabia

Opportunities don’t end in your comfort zone. Most of the time, the job you’ve been wanting to get is somewhere across the globe, waiting for you. Maybe this is one of the reasons why many people still venture into places other than their home countries. As a good news, countries don’t just offer opportunities for its citizens but for the foreigners as well.

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One of the great places to work in is the Saudi Arabia. For the long years now, many people from around the world have come to get a job and earn for a living in this country. Of course, to be able to land in a good company, you have to complete specific requirements. The best example is to apply for a working visa when you plan to work abroad.

saudi arabia work visa application
Saudi work visa application

Guide: Process in Getting an Employment Visa in Saudi

The work visa application in Saudi Arabia is processed with the help of your employer and the recruitment agency that recruited you to work in the country. Most of the work here in Saudi are offered through recruitment agencies to ensure you get a legit job. To apply for the working visa, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport with atleast 2 years of validity
  • PRC license if any
  • Driver’s license if any
  • OMA Certificate for the Muslims
  • Training Certificate for skilled employees
  • Medical Certificate from Saudi Embassy Accredited Hospitals
  • 2 copies of 4 x 6 pictures with white background
  • Transcript of Record certified by Commision on Higher Education, Department of Foreign Affairs, and Consulate of Saudi Embassy
  • Employment Contract Copy signed by the employer and applicant
  • Letter from the employer in Saudi Arabia stating the sponsorship

To qualify for the working visa, you must be 18-55 years of age and have these list of complete requirements. In case you reach beyond 55 years old, you may still apply provided you have a special permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, don’t forget to bring your 60.81 Saudi Riyal for the processing fee.

Just a couple of things to complete then you can finally enjoy your employment in Saudi Arabia.

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