Dos and Don’ts in Saudi Arabia

If you are thinking to work in Saudi Arabia or pay a visit there during your vacation period, it’s very to important to know that there are things you need to keep in mind so you won’t end up spending jail time or getting deported.

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Saudi Arabia is indeed a rich country known for housing tons of oil reserves. This country is popular for expats, especially for those who are looking for great job opportunities in Middle East. However, if you are a tourist or expat here, you need to comply with certain rules and regulations in order for you to live life out of trouble here. To start off, here are the list of the dos and don’ts in in this country.

saudi arabia dos and donts
Learn to abide by the rules and laws in Saudi.

Dos and Don’ts – Tips for those who are visiting Saudi Arabia for the First Time

Please follow these do’s and dont’s properly because ignorance does not excuse anyone from penalties, fines, or even strict sanctions. Remember that you are in an Islamic country where culture and traditions are being practised in the strictest sense. You don’t want to end up in a negative situation just because you did not know the rules.

  • Dress modestly.

This is not new for those who want to enter the Middle East. As we all know, dressing properly is a must here. Remember that you are in an Islamic country, thus, wearing clothes that are not revealing any sensitive parts of your body means respecting their long living tradition of dressing modestly.

  • Always bring your IQAMA.

IQAMA serves as your residence identification card. Without this, you are not allowed to travel around any cities in Saudi Arabia. Your employer should apply and pay for your IQAMA. If you don’t have it yet, it’s better to wait for it than risking your whole life coming in the country without any valid identification.

  • Men and Women have separated areas.

Men and women work in different workplaces. Even in bank counters and transportation cabins, there are separate lanes designated for each gender. This is an act to respect each and everyone, especially woman. So, it’s better to comply with this rules than going against them.

  • Alcohol and Pork are restricted.

Although not totally banned, these food and beverage are restricted in this country. Before you can be able to buy and drink alcoholic drinks, you need to obtain a permit. No drinking in public places will be tolerated as well.

  • No to public display of affection.

PDA is totally not allowed in Saudi Arabia. It is a punishable offense. You can hold hands as long as you are married or else, if you got caught, you will spend time defending your actions in court,or worse, spend your time in jail.

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These are the top points you should remember and observe while in Saudi Arabia. You must comply or less your life here will be all about fines and jail time. Make sure you are aware of them and abide by these laws accordingly.

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