13 Qatar Do’s and Don’ts: How to Behave as a First-Timer in Qatar

Just like any other country in the Middle East, Qatar has its own rules. Knowing these rules would be essential, especially for expats working or traveling in the country for the first time. Being informed will help our lives easier abroad, provided the traditions in Qatar is unique compared to other countries outside the Middle East.

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If you’re someone looking for answers on what to do and what not to when in Qatar, this article is definitely for you. We listed the top 12 things you are free to do and should avoid during your stay in this country. Certain points like what to wear, and how to behave in public is very important given that this is a conservative country. Following these guidelines wouldn’t hurt since this is one way how we could show our respect to Qatar.

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13 Do’s and Don’ts in Qatar

  1. Use proper greetings. In Qatar, greetings matter. Starting a conversation without saying “Good morning” or alike would be impolite to Arabians. It is one way to show that we embrace their traditions, culture, and other beliefs.
  2. Dress modestly. Dressing properly is observed in Qatar as this has been one of their traditions—dressing conservatively. Women can wear long trousers and avoid wearing short dresses, skirts, and shorts.
  3. Hire a cab. Most taxis such as Alijarah turquoise, Al Million, Hail Karwa, are convenient, clean, and safe. Taxi drivers speak in English too, which is why you don’t have to worry about translating Arabic into the mother language.
  4. Take a walk during the night. Qatar is one of the safest places in the Middle East. It’s perfectly fine whether you want to stay woke until the early morning.
  5. Drink lots of water. By now, we should be aware that the heat in Qatar may increase beyond your tolerable temperature. Drinking lots of fluids would help you survive the summer in this country.
  6. Learn the culture and traditions of Qataris and Muslims. In this way, you would be able to reflect your respect. This can also indicate how friendly you are with the people around you.
  7. If you’re a male, do not fall in line with women in bank and utility counters. This is strictly observed in Qatar as they are conservative like the way they dress.
  8. Don’t take pictures of anyone. Privacy matters in Qatar. If you are caught taking photographs of people, ready yourself to face charges and penalties.
  9. Don’t talk to women who is not related with you. Along with this, it is forbidden to touch women when you’re not married or in a relationship with them.
  10. Do not drink alcoholic beverages in public. Yes, getting drunk in public places are not allowed. Better drink at home or in private places. Also, you need an alcohol license to legally purchase and consume alcohol. Apply for one to be on the right side of the law.
  11. Buying and selling alcohol in Qatar require a license or permit. Before you can buy or sell any alcoholic drinks, you must obtain first a license or permit from the authorities. In this way, the country would be able to regulate the usage of alcohol in the country.
  12. Homosexual relationships in Qatar is forbidden. In Islamic religion, homesexuality is a sin and is a crime and this is not tolerated.
  13. Avoid Public Display of Affection. Given the conservative nature, avoid showing affection even to your loved one in public. So no kissing or smooching! Better do it at the privacy of your room.

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Again and again, it should be a reminder to us that every country has its own regulations in order to control the public safety. Although there are restrictions in Qatar, you can still enjoy your stay there by visiting historical places, malls, and walking around towns. Following these guidelines would help you make a peaceful stay in Qatar.

These guidelines are not meant to discourage you to visit Qatar. Instead, these can help you understand and learn more about their culture while having a good experience visiting the country. Enjoy!

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