Best Websites & Apps to Help You Save Money in Qatar

Are you someone who takes earning money seriously? Do you frequently find yourself searching for different ways to budget your salary or earn money without dropping a sweat? Well, most people are like you. Many of us have tried various means to increment the cash we’re holding or at least find another channel to increase our savings for the month. Though you may find it challenging, it is possible to earn a penny via the internet and the rest of technology around you.

There are plenty of apps in Doha where you can save money on food and activities. Here we share some of them to help you understand better where you can make the most of your Qatari Riyals.

how to save money in qatar

Tips on how to save money using trusted mobile apps in Doha.

Saving Money When Eating Out or Doing Activities in Qatar

Traveling to Doha can be a cost driver for you since it is one of the expensive experiences you might encounter as a tourist or traveler. But, you don’t need to worry because Doha has something for you to keep you from spending a big amount of money.

To give you ideas on how to earn real cash, enjoy big discounts and get the best deals online in Doha, we have listed the top applications and websites for you to use and download. Of course, we’ve added some tips to keep you motivated.

IOS/Android Application you might want to download

  1. D4D – If you’re a person who goes out a lot and consider the internet as your channel to get your daily needs, this app fits you perfectly.

How can I download/use it? You can just use your smartphone or iphone to get the app or you can visit their website at

Is it for free? Yes, no payment is required to use the app.

What does this offer? It lets you search for the best deals in town. It helps you locate nearby ATMs and bank branches. You can participate to different contests and win prizes using this app. It is a perfect shopping app. It lets you find banks and hospitals information such as contact information and operating hours.

  1. My Book Qatar – If you’re more into education, fitness, and health, this is the best companion for you.

How can I download/use it? You can download it using your mobile phone, available for Android and iPhone users or you can go to their website via You can also buy their printed version.

Is it for free? No, the app costs about QR 250 for the application and QR 290 for the printed version.

What does it offer? The app offer different promotions and discounts related to fitness, education, health, restaurants and many more. For their special prices, go visit their Facebook page.

  1. Urban Point – If you’re craving for variety, this might be the best app for you!

How can I download/use it? Use your Android or iPhone to download the app or go to

Is it for free? No, the app has affordable monthly subscription up to QR 19. The good news is, there is no annual subscription which means you can choose to subscribe every month and you have the freedom to cancel your membership anytime.

What does it offer? Variety of products which you can get at discounted prices, Buy 1 Take 1 and many more. The app adds new merchants and offers monthly. Unlimited offers as long as you are a member! It gives free first month membership to VODAFONE QATAR CUSTOMERS and QR 10 on the succeeding months instead of QR 19.

  1. The Entertainer App – if you’re a family or a friend person and you love sharing, this app offer the best deals to you, your friends, and family.

How can I download/use it? Use your Android or iPhone to download the app or visit

Is it for free? No, the discounted price for the app is QR 275 while the normal price is QR 375. Promo runs from January to December only. Hurry and download now!

What does it offer? It offers over 2,300 Buy 1 Get 1 promos from your favorite cafes, restaurants, attractions, and daily services. It gives free first month membership to VODAFONE QATAR CUSTOMERS.

doha apps to save money
Apps and websites to save money

Top websites for great deals and discounts

  1. BUYGATHER – if you are more of an entertainment and pampering person, this website is for you.

How can I go to the website?

Visit or contact them at [email protected] for more information.

Is it free? Yes, signing up is for free.

What does it offer? This app offers discounts in coupon forms that can be bought from the website. Just browse for the deals then click the “Get your Coupon” button. Get the best deals from your favorite hotels, accommodations, spas, and hotels.

  1. QGrabs – it is another app to get hotel and accommodation discounts, tours, spas, and salon offers.

How can I go to the website? Visit

Is it free? Yes, no payment is needed to access and enjoy the site.

What does it offer? The app offers variety of discounts from hotels, spas, salons, and tours in the form of vouchers which are usually emailed to customers.

  1. – if you’re fond of supermarkets, this is the best website for you.

How can I go to the website? Go to

Is it free? Yes, definitely free for everybody.

What does it offer? This app showcases different promotions and offers from the major supermarkets in the country. It sends emails and newsletter on Thursdays with the list of stores to visit on weekends.

  1. QIC Advantage Club – a total leisure app of the family and friends

How can I go to the website? Visit

Is it free? No, you have to be an insured customer of QIC to enjoy what the website offers.

What does it offer? It offers variety of dining, beauty, entertainment, health, and children’s activities discounts and promotion where you can totally save a lot of penny. If you are an insured customer of QIC, you get to treat your whole family and up to 12 friends as there are unlimited redemption.

A lot of freebies and savings, right? You actually don’t have to hold cash in order for you treat yourself as an ‘extra-earning’ person. With all the discounts you can get from this list of apps and websites, you sure can minimize your expenses and maximize your savings and investments.

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