Inheritance Provisions You Need To Know In Bahrain

Living and working in Bahrain with some assets saved for the future? If you’re saving up for the bright future of your kids and other family members, you may as well know the inheritance laws in Bahrain in case an emergency comes up. Being aware of the provisions will enlighten you.

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The inheritance laws in Bahrain states every expat with assets, including their bank accounts, to leave a will. This will serve as a powerful backup if in case an unforeseen event happened to an employee. A good thing about leaving a will is that you won’t be worrying about where will your assets go. The will document is proof and indicates to whom you’ve left your hard-earned wealth.

Will and Testament

Inheritance Laws For Muslims and Non-Muslims

The law depends on whether you are a Muslim or not. Here’s the important part of the provision:

  • For Muslim expats, the Islamic Shariah Law will apply to all things connected to inheritance. If you are a Muslim, you will be treated in Bahraini courts just the same as Bahraini citizens and apply the inheritance laws. It is regardless of the your country of origin.
  • For non-Muslims expats, the inheritance law in your homeland will apply. However, if there is a clause in your law stating that the law where your property is situated will apply, then you will have to use the Islamic Shariah Law to all things related to inheritance.
  • There are four duties that need to be performed under the Sharia Law.
    • The payment of funeral expenses can be taken from the assets of the deceased.
    • The payment of his/her debts. This will also be taken from the assets left by the deceased.
    • The execution of the will.
    • The distribution of the remaining estate to the legal heirs of the deceased.

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Why Is It Important To Leave A Will

Here are some of the major reasons why leaving a will is a must for expats.

  • It’s important so that the court will know what you prefer in terms of distributing your assets.
  • Your provision written in your will shall apply.
  • You can designate a percentage of the amount to be distributed to a person.
  • You will decide who will receive it or not.
  • It will give you peace of mind because they know that you have decided a long time ago.

Now that you have a background of the inheritance laws in Bahrain, it’s the right time to get your will written. It’s always better to be prepared early. And, don’t forget to share this with your families in Bahrain.

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