List of Hospitals in Kuwait

You can go to different hospitals available in Kuwait, for emergency purposes and medical certificates. Just like any other countries in the world, Kuwait watches for everyone’s health and it is one thing this country care about the most. If you feel the need to go to a doctor, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest hospitals in your area.

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As an expat living or working in Kuwait, you should always watch out for your health. Aside from the money you are earning from your work or business, this is the most important thing in your life you should always protect. Kuwait has private and public hospitals where you can visit to in case of check-ups, emergencies, and medical appointments. If you are sick and you need a medical assistance, you should not have second thoughts when it comes to visiting a proper doctor. For the list of public and private hospitals, refer to the information below.

Hospital Kuwait

List of Public Hospitals in Kuwait

Public hospitals are government-funded institutions and are open to the public. Regardless of your nationality, you have the right to visit any one of these when you are sick or you need an immediate assistance from medical personnel. Here’s the list of public hospitals in Kuwait.

  • Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital
  • NBK Children Hospital
  • Sheikh Ma Ghoulies Haad
  • Amiri Hospital
  • Farwaniya Hospital
  • Hussain Makki Jumma Cancer center
  • Jahra Hospital
  • Adan Hospital
  • Al Bahar ophthalmology center
  • Al Razi Hospital
  • Al Sabah Hospital

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 List of Private Hospital in Kuwait

If you are looking for intensive care, you can opt to avail the services from private hospitals in Kuwait. Unlike public hospitals, some of the medical services here can be more expensive. In spite of that, you can get better services equal to the amount of money you’ve spent. Here’s a list of private hospitals in the country.

  • Royale Hayat Hospital
  • Shaab Medical Centre
  • Shifa Al-Jeseera
  • Taiba Hospital
  • Yiaco Apollo Medical Centre
  • Eljoun Medical Centre
  • Hadi Clinic
  • International Clinic
  • London Hospital
  • Mowasat Hospital
  • Al Seef Hospital, Salmiya
  • Aliya International
  • Alorf Medical Centre
  • British Medical Centre (BMC)
  • Dar Al Shifa Hospital
  • Al Omooma Hospital
  • Al Rashid Hospital, Salmiya
  • Al Salam Hospital
  • Al Salam International Hospital

Now that we’ve provided the list of public and private hospitals, it’s time to schedule your doctor appointments. Always take care of yourself to avoid getting sick. Don’t overwork yourself. You deserve a rest after a week of working!


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