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Kuwait Labour: Probation Period for Employees

Working is a challenging part of our lives. Imagine waking up from early morning to going home late because we had to spend overtime just to get our works done. Although being employed can be exhausting, most people cannot afford to lose their jobs just because they are tired. This applies not only to locals who are working in their homelands but also to expats who are currently working abroad.

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As an employee, the understanding of the stages of employment is essential as this opens up the door to increasing employee rights. Most of the time, an employee undergoes training, a probation period, and regularization. In Kuwait, these stages are recognized as well. To keep you guided and provide a more thorough understanding, we made a list of the things that you should know about the probation period in Kuwait.

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Definition of Probation Period

Probation period is a period between an employee’s first day at work up to a maximum of 100 days. In accordance to Kuwait’s Labor Law Article 32, an employee can be hired under this period but needs to be agreed to in the employment contract. Employees are given this period so that employers will have time to asses the skills and fitness of the employees when it comes to the job.

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Provisions in Relation to Probation Period

 It is said in the law that contracts made under the probation period are terminable without prior notice from the employer.

  • If terminated under the probation period, an employee is entitled to a payment equivalent to the duration of his/her work.
  • Regardless of the employment status, an employee is entitled to overtime pay equivalent to 125% of his/her hourly rate. The minimum working hours is 8 hours a day, anytime spend beyond this working hour should be paid.

Whether regular or under probation period, employees have rights that employers should observe. In case you’re wondering how the employment system in Kuwait works, you should be well aware of the laws and regulations. For more information about the probation period and its provisions, you are free to inquire to the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour (MoSAL).

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