Affordable Villas In Abu Dhabi

One of the challenges in every expat’s life is relocating. Once you decided to move into a different country, you have to prepare yourself for big adjustments like how to cope up with culture shock, how to adjust your budget and expenses, how to bring your things with you, where should you look for apartments, and many more. The good thing is, even if you choose to relocate to a rich country, there will always be a place for a cheaper lifestyle.

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Not everyone who relocates in Abu Dhabi has the capacity to rent a luxury apartment or residential units. Some expats decide to move to this city because of better compensation and attached to it is their plan to cut their expenses while giving more to their family back in their country of origin. If you are someone who’s the same and wants a cheaper place to stay, here’s the list of affordable villas in Abu Dhabi.

Al Raha BeachAl Raha Beach

Top 4 Cheapest Villas in Abu Dhabi

1. Mohammed Bin Zayed City

This is actually a new community in Abu Dhabi. Khalifa City A is known for providing the best apartments and villas for cheap prices. This place offers prices ranging to AED 25,000 to AED 40,000 for rental studios and one-bedroom units. While for 2 bedroom units, the rental per year is up to AED 67,000. Compared to other high-end residential apartments, those prices are considered affordable. If you are looking for a villa, this place can provide you a 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom with average prices of AED 130,000, AED 165,000, and AED 175,000 respectively for one year.

2. Al Reem Island

This community is truly affordable when it comes to big apartments and comfortable villas. For AED 580,000, you can already afford a studio apartment that you can wholly own. For 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units, the sale prices are AED 950,000 and AED 1,5000,000 respectively. Instead of renting, why not purchase your own?

3. Al Reef

Another cheap location where you can rent or buy your own apartment unit or villa is Al Reef. For the record, this place holds the most popular location for villa buyers. Unlike other communities, Al Reef is simple and quite. No tall apartments, just bungalow, 2-storey, and 3-storey houses.

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4. Al Raha Beach

Last but not least, you can get the best deal when buying your own apartment in Al Raha Beach. This location offers apartment units for an average of AED 1,800,000 which is 10% lower than what t used to offer to its buyers.

See, accommodations don’t have to be so expensive. If you think you are going to stay in Abu Dhabi for longer years, it is recommended that you buy your own place to stay and take the chance of the real estate investment while it is still cheap. We hope that this list of affordable apartments and villa locations helps you with finding a suitable unit for you.

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