How to Manage your Expenses in Abu Dhabi

You don’t need to be rich so you can live in a great city like Abu Dhabi. Expats usually go here for vacation or look for a job and in case you’re one of those people who found a reasons to live in this city, there are things you need to keep in mind when spending your money here.

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When you’re in Abu Dhabi, you will feel that there’s is no other place to be than in this city. Looking from your left to right side, you will see a many different malls, shops, restaurants and other attractive establishments, be warned- you may be tempted to spend your cash. But the real question is: are those stores worth it? Are you willing to spend a big sum of cash when there are cheaper shops elsewhere? To save a good deal of money, here are tips on how to manage your expenses in Abu Dhabi.

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Tips to Manage Your Expenses in Abu Dhabi

Reduce your rental expenses

For every expat, a home is necessary. But despite being a basic necessity, accommodation is quite expensive in Abu Dhabi. Most of the time, expats pay rents equal to half of their salary a month. This is no way reasonable when you came here for a better salary, not a higher cost of housing. So, to start saving more in this luxury city, you need to reduce your rental expenses by choosing a cheaper alternatives. You can find cheaper accommodation outside the city and will definitely lessen your expenses by 20-40%.

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Start off with low expenditure

To manage your expenses, you must be willing to start your life here in Abu Dhabi with low expenses. Yes, you can save up from accommodation and a few expenses when it is covered by your employer, but keep in mind that there are other things that will make you want to spend your income. To get you out of this loop that will drain your money, you should keep a tight budget every week. You can track your expenses when your budget goes low, which means you need to keep from spending until you replenish you budget again.

Don’t borrow money when not necessary

Expats may get tempted to apply for a loan to buy the latest gadgets and appliances but before you do the same thing, ask yourself- Do I need this? Do not put yourself in a situation which will burden you when the time comes. So as early as now, kill the unnecessary debts and as much as you can, spend with your cash.

These are so far the basic things you must remember to manage your expenses in Abu Dhabi. Simple, yet can be hard to accomplish if you won’t take the initiative to start now. Remember, the key to living a happy life in Abu Dhabi is by managing the financial aspect of your life.

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