Road Tips in Saudi Arabia

Even with existing driving schools that can teach expats how to drive well in Saudi Arabia, there are still some drivers who forget the fundamentals of driving. If you’re an expat who owns a car and getting to work by driving, you need to read this article to keep your traffic knowledge fresh. Continue as we give you some helpful road tips while driving here in Saudi Arabia.

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Take time to learn your new environment, especially if you are new to Saudi Arabia. It’s important that you understand how dangerous it is to drive alone without exercising extra precautions. And even if you’re not driving, a pedestrian for example, you have to watch out for your safety because there may exist reckless drivers. Let’s take a look at some traffic rules refreshers for you.

Saudi Arabia Driving Tips

Helpful Road Tips For Expats in Saudi Arabia

  • Always bring your driver’s license. Don’t ever attempt to drive a car of you don’t have a license because it will get you in jail if you are not careful. It’s not only reckless driving that can serve you jail time, but you can also be punished for not complying with the traffic laws and regulations.
  • Drive on the right side of the road. As you can observe, every car in Saudi Arabia has its driver’s side on the left side just like any other car in the US and other countries.
  • Never drive over the speed limit. You can avoid reckless driving by following road signs like the speed limit. Again, you should always follow the road rules if you want to be safe.
  • Use signals and indicators if you’re changing lanes so you can give heads up to the cars behind you. If you don’t give signals, you might get into accidents for being careless.
  • Take extra precautions if you’re a woman driver. Just this June 2018, women are permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia but you can still experience men having negative reactions to the new provision.
  • Always check the vitals of your car before you drive. This will help you find out if your car has any problems like a broken clutch and brake. Better to check for problems before these get you into road accidents.
  • Avoid using your phone when driving. Aside from not complying with road provisions, you’re opening more doors for road accidents. You can use your phones when you arrive at your destination. You can set aside browsing social media apps for a couple of minutes, right?
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol. It’s a simple rule—don’t drink and drive. If you’re playing it cool and you want to try for the first time taking alcohol and driving afterward, be reminded of the possible consequences if you do this.

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Study what’s on this list carefully. Keep in mind all the fundamentals because these will save your life and other lives too. Be a responsible driver at all time if you want to live longer in Saudi Arabia.

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