5 Reasons Why You Should Work in Dubai

Dubai is proven to be a friendly city for expatriates. The UAE’s booming economy is the main reason why there are more and more nationals coming into the country to make a visit, do business matters, and look for better job opportunities. There’s no surprise if you see different people from across the globe walking around city. You might even see one of your co-citizens here! Dubai is such a place to start a great life.

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For sure, Dubai has once crossed your mind when thinking about working abroad. If you’re not yet convinced and still looking for reasons why you should push through with your plans on working here, we made a list of the top 5 reasons why you should work in Dubai. Continue on the rest of this article to know more.

reasons to work in dubai

Top 5 Reasons Why Dubai is a Great Place to Work

#1- Salary in Dubai is tax-free 

While Dubai introduced the VAT tax in goods/merchandise, salary is still tax free. This is the top reason why working in Dubai is a privilege. It’s very rare to come across a city or country without mandatory taxes. Even in your home country, taxes are compulsory and you have no choice but to pay it–which eventually takes a considerable amount from your take home pay. In Dubai, wealth tax, corporate tax, and income tax are totally free! If you’re someone who wants to live a luxurious life in Dubai, you can live free while taking advantage of its tax-free system.

#2- Dubai has a great quality of living

Its growing economy comes with the improving quality of life of those who are living here. In fact, last 2016, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were awarded with the highest quality of living among the regions of Middle East and Africa. Combined with the tax-free system, you’ll surely be spoiled with its fine lines of malls, restaurants, and tourist destinations.

#3- Dubai has a multicultural workforce

With over 180 different nationalities, you won’t be surprised how the workforce switched from a single culture to becoming multicultural. It’s one of the great reasons why you should work here, because you get to meet different people and learn new experiences from them.

#4- Dubai has a world class infrastructure

Dubai is definitely a must-visit city because of the world class infrastructure here! It is not only popular for tourists but as well as for investors. The construction industry is one of the growing sectors in UAE. If you want to take the opportunity to look over its amazing buildings while earning a good salary, consider working in Dubai.

#5- Dubai is a safe place.

Last but not the least, you should consider working in Dubai because of its safety and security. The city has been ranked as the top 40 safest places globally and followed by Muscat regionally.

We hope your decisions to work in Dubai will be finalized as soon as possible because we can’t wait for you to see how great it is as a city. Keep your forces with you as you venture more great opportunities outside your comfort zone!

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