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Unemployment in Bahrain

There will be a time where you’re unemployed, and being one is not always a bad thing, there are advantages when you’re not working in some countries like Bahrain. For every expat who had spent most of their time working in this country may experience enough security for their retirement. This article talks about terms of unemployment and retirement in Bahrain.

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The Kingdom of Bahrain mandates the so-called social security for its citizens. Those who’ve retired from their employers, have illnesses or disabilities, workers of orphanages, unemployed and widows are covered in this mandated provision. This is in accordance of Decree Law No. 78 of 2006. For the record, this accordance is one of the reasons why Bahrain is one of the most developed countries around the world. To keep you guided, here’s a list of things you need to know about unemployment and retirement in Bahrain.

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Insurance for Unemployment

Did you know that unemployed people in Bahrain receive insurance?  Here is a list of people who are qualified for the country’s unemployment insurance.

  • Civil servants who are working under the government. These people are covered by work injuries insurance in line with the provisions states on the law on retirement pensions and bonuses for the employees working for the government,
  • National workers under the coverage of National Insurance work injuries following what are stated in the Social Insurance Law.
  • First-time job applicants. This is open for both local and foreign workers.

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Advantages of Unemployment Insurance

Of course, the unemployment insurance provides benefits to the people and the government. To state a few, here are the following benefits of unemployment insurance.

  • It assists first time job seekers during the time of finding jobs. All materials are provided so they can look for stable jobs in the country.
  • It assists the government to estimate the number of people without work and the unemployed percentage in the country.
  • It helps the government determine what characteristics and skills are needed to qualify for employment, which are monitored.

In addition to these benefits, the country’s main goal is to develop Bahraini man power. By utilizing this system, the government can track down the number of retired employees and those who are just starting their career. Unemployed residents in Bahrain can also navigate the country’s Ministry of Labor website ( to register and help find the perfect job that fits them. The major benefit of expats is the monitoring strategy of Bahrain, which helps foreign nationals to look for a decent work in the country while avoiding abusive and manipulative employers.

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