20 Things You Should Know About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is indeed one of the popular regions of the Middle East. Many people from different parts of the world come to this country to find great job opportunities and others visit just for fun and some travel adventures. Whether you are a first time visitor or an expat working in Saudi Arabia, you must know the most interesting things about this place. The facts that we are about to uncover will surely contribute to your existing knowledge and love for Saudi.

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Because we want to keep you informed, we have listed the top 20 things you should know about Saudi Arabia. If you want to know the culture, religion, traditions and other facts about Saudi, this article is for you!

Madina Saudi Arabia

Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia

  1. The main religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam. This is the most obvious information about Saudi since the country is mainly populated by Muslims.
  2. Religion is very sensitive in Saudi Arabia.
  3. In fact, no other religions or practices are allowed to be practiced in this country.
  4. The Islamic Law or what they call the Sharia serves as the state’s constitution.
  5. Men and women have their own respective attires in Saudi. Men wear thoub and ghoutra while women wear abaya and black veil.
  6. Pornography is banned in Saudi Arabia.
  7. It is not allowed to photograph government establishments, military institutions, and palaces.
  8. No drinking or smoking in public.
  9. Oil was primarily discovered in 1938. It is believed that Saudi Arabia has ¼ of the world’s petroleum reserves.
  10. Water is more expensive than diesel. 1 liter of water is equivalent to 2 liters diesel price!
  11. The world’s luxury vehicles are mostly available in Saudi Arabia, not just for the rich but for anyone who can afford it.
  12. Expats should bring their work permit all the time to avoid any trouble when interrogated by an officer.
  13. About 100 camels are sold every day in Saudi.
  14. Women are not allowed to drive or own a driver’s license. Now, women are allowed to drive.
  15. Education is free in this country.
  16. No additional taxes are required to be paid. No value-added tax to your merchandise!
  17. Big punishments such as beheading, death by the firing squad, and stoning await those who commit serious crimes.
  18. There are no rivers in this country.
  19. Saudi has 13 administrative regions split into 118 governorates.
  20. Writing is from right to left—opposite to what was taught to most of the people.

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The interesting things about Saudi Arabia do not end here. You will know more about the state, its people, its traditions, cultures, and beliefs when you experience it all by yourself. If you want to fit in this country, you should always observe and follow the strict regulations.

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