Guide: How To Resign from your Job in UAE

Have you ever felt tired and thought of submitting a resignation letter to your employer? Quitting your job may be difficult and regardless of the reason, it will be your discretion. It may be due to being tired, you want a better pay grade, you have conflict with your co-workers or boss or it may be the environment.

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Some expats would think that handing over their resignation letter will sever their connections with their employers. But the truth is, the resigning staff get to keep their rights and privileges. We’ve put up some suggestions for retiring employees who wish to look for greener pastures. Here are 7 major things you need to keep in mind if you want to resign.

Resignation UAE

Things To Remember Before You Resign

  • Resigning is your decision to make. You don’t need permission from your employer if you want to resign. Your employer can’t force you to resign either.
  • Plan ahead of time. Notice period is mandatory. A minimum of 30 days is needed to notify your employer and prepare for your separation. You may choose not to follow the notice period but you need to pay the equivalent amount of 30 days to your employer.
  • If you don’t serve the notice period, you will be banned from working again in UAE.
  • Leave your work courteously. Never end your contract in bad terms because this can affect your future employment to a new company.
  • Please indicate your reason for ending your contract with your employer, you may write it down and print a hard copy or send through email.
  • Expect a negotiation between you and your employer. There are times that your employer would negotiate with you to make you stay. Once you’ve handed your resignation letter, some employers will offer something better just to keep you in their company.
  • Understand how gratuity pay works. This depends on whether you’ve completed your contract in your current job.

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This list is a simple guideline for you to ensure that you’ll be leaving your employer in good terms. Resigning from your position may be a little hassle with paperwork and stuff but this will ensure that you have formally quit your job and to start a new one. We hope this will aid you in your future career.

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