Expat Guide: Tips to Consider Before Moving to Qatar

Before you move to a different country, there are essential things that you need to consider so you can have a worry free relocation. In Qatar, if this is your first-time to visit, you should be aware of certain rules and regulations and the Islamic culture and traditions.

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It can be a challenging one for expats since relocating is not easy considering the fact that you need to adjust to a place with different lifestyle, weather, people, and many more. However, it’s a big first step you will get used to in case you relocate again the future.

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Expat Guide: What You Need To Know Prior To Relocating in Qatar

If you’re considering Qatar as a place where you can move in, there are certain points you need to take into account. Understanding this list of things about country prior to relocating here is an advantage for you.

1. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Qatar can be more expensive than particular countries in Southeast Asia. The total cost of living is more or less 70% higher here and the amount of house rentals can double up. Some of the expenses like house rentals are inevitable but for the rest, you can avoid buying expensive stuff and go with cheaper alternatives.

2. Traffic in Qatar

Traffic in Qatar can be worst during rush hours. If you’re from a country with organized car flows, ready yourself for what you’re about to experience since traffic system here is not as perfect as you imagine. If you plan on renting a car, you should be a responsible driver and be patient with the traffic. And if you’re going to take cabs, stay calm while they overtake to get you out of traffic. Also, your patience is required since public transportation here can be a headache sometimes.

3. On Eating Pork (for Expats)

Qatar is an Islamic country so you should expect that pork menus here are rare. In fact, you CANNOT find any pork recipes in restaurants here. But don’t worry because Qatar will not take away your freewill to eat pork, you can cook at home and eat your pork dishes inside. Just don’t bring your pork dishes in public places.

4. Wearing Abaya

Woman expats don’t have to wear Abaya in Qatar. However, you should observe dressing modestly as Qatar is strict in their dress code. If you’re a woman, don’t wear clothes exposing your shoulder, cleavage, and knees.

5. Healthcare

The good news is healthcare is free in Qatar! The country has many funding sources that they are able to offer free healthcare for everyone even for expats. If you don’t have a healthcare privilege in your home land, now is the chance for you to not spend in your healthcare and leave it to Qatar.

These are the major things you should know about prior to relocating in Qatar. Having ideas how traffic, healthcare system, and dress code work in Qatar is your key to a peaceful life in this country.

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