Road Trip Tips While Driving in Oman

Road trips are fun, especially if it’s your first time to explore a new city or a new country. As expats who plan to take a tour around Oman, you must know that you will encounter road challenges at some point. It’s not always a smooth drive but it will definitely be a good road trip if you are careful enough to watch out for your environment.

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Cities, towns, and other hidden places are accessible through long roads. You will definitely see different pathways going to different places you haven’t been yet. So it’s really good to take a road trip for a day or two if have your own car. While driving, you need to follow a guideline. This article will help you determine the proper ways of driving thru in Oman.

Driving Road Trip Oman

Road Trips TIPS To Remember When Driving In Oman

  • Drive the car in a normal way. Youngsters in Oman tend to push the car’s seats and use their feet to control the steering wheel because they think it’s cool. Never do this on the road to avoid danger and getting caught by authorities.
  • Control the speed of your car.
  • Stick to the speed limit you see on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re running late, you will miss someone who’s going abroad, or you just want to enjoy the road at a high speed. Do not show off by increasing your speed limit when it’s actually not the right thing to do.
  • In Oman, the speed limit is between 40 to 80 km/h in town roads, 90 km/h in open roads and 120 km/h in motorways.
  • Never drink and drive. This is one of the most popular causes of road accidents here in Oman. Have someone who will drive with you without the influence of alcohol if you’re drunk. If alone, it’s better to hire a cab or utilize public transportation and go back for your car the next day.

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  • Refresh yourself with the traffic laws. Before you attempt to drive, make sure that you have an idea about the basic traffic laws here in the country.
  • Watch out for animals. There are a lot of free-running animals here in Oman. You will likely encounter this is your road tripping in an open road. By sticking with your speed limit and keeping your eyes on the road, you will definitely avoid hitting an animal while driving.

To remain safe while driving, it’s just simple. Always think of your safety before you do anything dangerous. Keep these tips in mind and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!

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