How to Celebrate Ramadan in Oman

It’s the time of the year again! Ramadan is being celebrated not just in Islamic countries but in the whole world to pay respect to the Muslim population. For expats who haven’t experienced celebrating Ramadan in the countries in the Middle East, it’s your time now to learn more about how they celebrate it in the Islamic region. Continue reading the rest of the article to know more about it.

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Ramadan is considered as the 9th month of the Muslim year wherein Muslims are strictly observing fasting from sunrise to sunset. That’s how disciplined Muslims are when it comes to their tradition. And even if Muslims are not in their home country, they still practice Ramadan as this is a very important part of their culture. So, if you see a Muslim being respectful to his religion, pay respect by letting them do their tradition in peace. If you are currently in Oman, here’s how they celebrate Ramadan.

Ramadan Oman

How do Muslims celebrate Ramadan in Oman?

  • Start the celebration with the sighting of the crescent moon, shopping the ingredients needed for the celebration, mass breakfasts, reciting the Tarawih prayers and the Quran, and Eid Al Fitr.
  • Before the Tarawih prayers, Muslims will purchase and prepare the supplies they need for traditional meals. For instance, they will shop for various rice products, soup, sweets, and hares.
  • Omani women have a significant role in Ramadan as they prepare the list of favorite food beginning at the start of the Sha’aban month. They also teach the young ones a lot of things related to the religious tradition. The fast-breaking tables are also prepared by Omani women but the set up depends on the governorate.
  • Omanis eat dates and drink water and Laban in order to break their fasting.
  • Omani families prefer mass breakfast in mosques.
  • Families meet in elder member’s house where the young and old are gathered together in the fast-breaking table.
  • Ramadan serves not only as a tradition for Omani families but as well as an opportunity for the families to gather together with the relatives and to get the double reward as stated in their Sunnah and Holy Quran.
  • Omanis exchange food with their neighbors in order to keep the brotherhood and affection towards the Oman society. In this way, the relationship between an Oman family to another is being strengthened.
  • Some Omanis observe “Qaranqashooh” during which children walk and go to their neighbors to collect sweets and candies. It’s like a trick and treat for children but is done during the middle of Ramadan season.

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As you can see, Ramadan in Oman is not just for adults who spend time fasting and praying. There is also a time for children that brings them happiness while their parents celebrate the holiness of the season. If you’re in Oman and you have spotted children walking in the neighborhood, don’t forget to offer them some sweets!

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