Things to Know Before Moving to Oman

Oman is one of the countries that look at expats as an advantage. More and more foreign nationals are coming into this country to look for a good job, better salary and expanded career experience. It is no surprise to know that more expats are choosing this place where they can live and work in the future. The country is safe and has a lot to offer to ambitious expatriates.

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But before moving to Oman, there are things you need to consider first. By doing a research about these things, you will get to know how serious your adjustment is going to be. It would also give you an idea on whether you can live alone or not with the salary you are going to earn and the kind of life you are going to live. To give a little background, here’s the list of things you should know before moving to Oman.

Oman Harbour

What you Need to Know before Moving to Oman


Expats won’t be able to live without accommodation. It is important to consider how you’re going to pay for your house rentals when you move to Oman. One of the advantages when relocating in Oman is employers will cover the accommodations most of the time. You don’t need to worry about house rentals when it is in your contract that your employer will pay for the duration of your employment. However, one setback is that accommodation can be limited for expats. You won’t be able to buy your own land if you plan on investing in the near future.


One of the advantages of moving to Oman is the large population of expat in this country. You don’t have to worry about getting out of place when you move here because most of the people residing here are expats like you. It is easier to make friends as well since expats are mostly open for making friends and acquaintances. The only challenge here is that Oman can be hottest during summer and you won’t be able to maximize your tourist privilege if you don’t have a car or access to public transportation.

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Oman is considered as one of the safest countries in the world. You won’t have to deal with crimes every day as the country has lower crime rate compared to other countries. One challenge though is a high rate in traffic accidents. Reckless driving is usual in Oman so you have to be careful when driving or crossing pedestrian lanes.

These are the major pros and cons you should know before relocating to Oman. Aside from these, you should also expect that culture shock is common here. If you keep in mind these things as you continue your journey in this foreign land, you will have an easier life ahead. Just make sure to take care of yourself and estimate your budget to avoid future conflicts.

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