Cost of Living in Kuwait

Kuwait is one rich country, but it is cheaper to live in here than in any other countries in Middle East like Qatar and UAE. If you are considering Kuwait as your work haven or a country where you can spend the rest of your life, there are few thing you need to keep in your budget list.

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There are basically five major things you need to consider if you want a good lifestyle in this country. These are accommodation, food, education, transportation, and utility. For you to have a grasp of what the possible budget in these areas is, here’s the list.

kuwait cost of living guide
Guide to expenses in Kuwait

Expenses as an Expat in Kuwait

As an expat, you really need to learn to budget your expenses and be aware of your needs first before allotting money for other expenses. Please be guided accordingly.

Cost of Accommodation

Accommodation is considered as the major portion where expats spend the most. Apartments and houses cannot be taken out of the list since this is a basic necessity. The price will depend on the size of the space you will rent and where it is located. For instance, if you want a one-bedroom apartment in the city, it will cost you around KD 285 monthly while a two-bedroom is at around KD 460. If you want to spend less in house rentals, try to look for spaces outside the city. The cost of one-bedroom apartment will drop to KD 230 if you are able to find a good one. Expect that prices will go up by 25% if you want to live in a villa.


Food is another basic necessity that you can’t live without. You can save more by buying local fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, etc. There are available supermarket offering big discounts so you don’t have to worry about food draining your pocket. But if you choose to buy imported products, that’s when you budget for food goes up.


Spending for education is optional. If you want to further your educational background, then you will have to spend for it. But if you already have a professional degree, you can cross this off your list, unless you have children to send to school here.


Transportation in Kuwait is cheap, in line with the cheap prices of gas and oil compared to other countries across the globe. Most expats choose to drive for themselves to avail of this privilege. But if you don’t have a car, you can opt to use taxis and buses. The taxi fare can be for as low as KD 1 depending on the kilometers of your destination and for buses, it can be for as low as KD 15 for a month.


Gas, electricity, and water in Kuwait are cheap. You will spend at least KD 14 per month to pay for this and if you choose to have an internet, you will be charged at ;east KD 12 monthly on top of your other utilities.

Living in Kuwait need not to be expensive. You just have to choose the right lifestyle your budget can cover. You can always opt to cheap alternatives because that’s the best recommendation you will ever hear if you want to spend less in this country.

kuwait cost of living guide
Guide to expenses in Kuwait

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