How to Deal With Incorrect Name in Iqama

Iqama is one of the major identification documents you need if you are in Saudi Arabia. Without this card, you won’t be able to do the usual things an expat needs in his everyday life. But what if you do have your Iqama but it has an incorrect name? Would you be able to correct it? Is it find to use the incorrect iqama name so you can do your normal transactions in the country? This article will answer most of your queries about the details in your iqama.

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Expats need to know that it is essential to bring valid IDs with correct details while touring around the cities of Saudi Arabia. However, during the process of getting the Iqama, rare cases include printing your incorrect name. If this happens to you, don’t worry because there is a solution to this. If you have your name printed incorrectly, avoid using it to transact and instead, follow the process below to update your iqama details.

IQAMA incorrect

How To Correct Your Name in Iqama

The process to correct your Iqama name is easy and simple. Since your employer is responsible to apply for your iqama, you can directly talk to your HR or government relations officer about it and request a change.

  • If your iqama has a wrong name in English, your HR can request for a change online by going to the assigned website and get your new iqama printed the next day. Meanwhile, for incorrect names in Arabic, your HR will have to go to the Jawazath Office to request a change and print the next day.

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The Importance Of Getting Your Name Correctly

Is it really important to have your name printed correctly in your Iqama? The answer is screaming yes! If you have the wrong name printed, here are the possible errands you will have to deal with:

  • Remittance centers and banks will not accept your ID if you are planning to send money to your family at home.
  • You will not be able to open your own bank account with a wrong name in Iqama.
  • You won’t be able to get your police clearance certificate.
  • If you’re passport and iqama name are different from each other, you won’t be able to apply for the documents needed if you want to get a job from European countries.

It’s better to get your name changed to the correct one as early as possible before you encounter a lot of errands in the future. It’s not you who will get through the process so there’s no reason to be lazy. All you have to do is tell the right personnel so they can help you get a new Iqama. Share this to your family an friends who are in Saudi Arabia to raise awareness!

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