Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Family in Saudi Arabia

Are you getting homesick frequently? Do you miss your family and thinking about going home? These are common questions you will find yourself asking during your first months in Saudi Arabia. It’s not bad to miss your home and your family. In fact, you can use your longing to be able to get them and bring them to Saudi Arabia instead.

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Now that dependent fees took a jump last July 2018, only a few expats are considering petitioning their dependents to enjoy the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recent news has circulated about expat families getting deported because they couldn’t pay the 200 Riyals dependent fee for the month, which is 100% higher compared to the 100 Riyals fee prior to July 2018. From 1,200 Riyals every year, the dependent fee became 2,400 Riyals annually. For those who can afford, here are the major benefits of bringing your family in KSA.

Family Vacation Saudi Arabia

Reasons To Bring Your Family in KSA

  • Easy application process and appointment

One of the reasons why it is good to bring your family in Saudi Arabia is because of the easy and fast application process. Expats previously experienced a month of process just to book an appointment for a family visa. Now that the system has improved, you can book appointments today or tomorrow.

  • No Long Queues

In Istiqdam Office where you will get the yellow paper, you don’t need to wait for long hours anymore. The yellow paper is usually ready for 5 minutes or more.

  • Cheaper Accommodation For Families

The housing rentals have dropped down by 50% now. This means that there is a cheaper accommodation fee if you bring your family in. Most landlords offer monthly and quarterly payments for space. It would also be great to utilize the free family accommodation if stated in your employment contract.

  • Your Family Can Stay Near Your Workplace

It is true that your family can stay in the city where you work. Saudi Arabia is flexible enough to give your family a place to stay without getting out of the main city.

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  • Discounts and Exciting Offers

You will find home appliances and furniture at low prices if you are living in Saudi Arabia. What more if you’re living with your family? Best deals and discounts will be available for your family once they get here.

It would be priceless to have your family by your side while you are working abroad. Compared to the fees you will have to pay for living with your dependents, the feeling is satisfying knowing that there will be people waiting for you to come home after a long tiring day at work. Don’t just look at the expenses, consider the benefits of living with them as well.

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