What to Expect in Dubai Media City

Are you currently in Dubai and looking for someplace to have fun? One of the most recommended places for expats in Dubai Media City. Aside from being a tourist attraction, it’s a community that would make you want to live here or stay for a while because of the good and chilling ambiance. To more about this place, we are about to introduce to you the things you can do in this place.

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Expats should experience having fun and enjoyable moments not just once but as frequent as possible. You don’t have to go to unreachable places just to have the extraordinary moment of your life. Dubai has a lot in store for you within and outside the main city. In fact, one of the go-to places of expatriates here is the Dubai Media City where you can witness not just one but many exciting activities and fun stuff. To know how you can enjoy this tourist destination, here are the things you should know about Dubai Media City.

Dubai Media City

What Are The Attractions Inside?

The greatest thing about Dubai Media City is that it has a lot of options for you. Whether you want to go for a movie or coffee, all these things are here. Below are the list of the attractions inside the community:

Coffee Shops and Food Stores

There are several cafes and eateries within the media city that will surely satisfy your cravings for food. Some of the popular food stores here are Certo Italian Restaurant, Urban Bistro, and Little Bangkok. Regardless of how heavy or light you want your meal to be, you won’t run out of choices here.

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Hotels For Tourists

Speaking of being a community, Dubai Media City has hotels within its vicinity to cater the needs of tourists who visit the place everyday. If you haven’t found your ideal place yet to stay while you’re on a vacation, try out the hotels in the media city to get full experience of this tourist destination. Some of the known hotels here include Media One Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Arjaan by Rotana. All of these range from being a 4 to 5-star hotels.


Yes, Dubai Media City has one of the largest amphitheaters that can accommodate up to 15,000 people in a single sitting. Whether it’s John Legend, JLo, or Ed Sheeran you want to watch, this place is for big events held in Dubai. If in case you go here for a concert, don’t forget to check out the latest offers of the cafes and eateries around.

It’s not just the tourists who become attracted because of the greatness of this place. Investors are being caught up too because of the tax incentives when they invest here. For instance, no corporate or personal tax for 50 years may be given to entrepreneurs who are interested to establish their business here. Indeed, the media city is a haven for everyone in Dubai.

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