Cost of Living in Qatar

Qatar has been a host for many expats for several years now and it is continuously attracting more foreign nationals to work, visit, or live there. Since Qatar is one of the best countries in Middle East where you can start off your employment, it is best to know what are your possible expenses if you choose to work in this country instead.

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Before deciding to work abroad, ask yourself “Are you willing to pay for more than what you are spending now?’ “Are you willing to adjust to the lifestyle of the country where you want to work?’ If you said yes to both of these questions, it’s about time to really understand that living overseas might be quite challenging for you, especially if your home country is not as developed as the countries in the Middle East. To give you a background of the cost of living in Qatar, here’s the list of the classifications of your possible expenses.

qatar cost of living

What is the Cost of Living in Qatar?

Below are some important guidelines as an expat if you plan to live and work in Qatar. These range from your basic needs and other important expenses.

  • Accommodation 

You will have to spend 1700 to 2500 QAR a month for your 1 BR. If you’re single and alone in this country, your housing rentals can be cheaper since you can rent a studio space together with other expats.

  • Transportation

There are instances that companies offer free ride for their employees. If you are lucky and you’re able to find an employer who pays for your transportation, you can cut this out on the list of your expenses. But if you are to take public transportation, the minimum you can spend is 100 QAR. There are also other ways to maximize your transportation allowance like renting a car for your convenience.

  • Food

Food is a basic necessity so make sure to always allot a budget for this. A typical monthly budget for food is 400 QAR which can fit for 2 people. If you’re alone, you can spend for less– like 200 QAR a month. So try not to go out often if you are not able to afford it for now. Try to buy from supermarkets in bulk so you can cook from home and not miss out on your daily needs.

  • Remittance

This is for expats who send money to their family in their home country. Your spending on this one depends on how much you are going to send to them. The remittance fee is reasonable so you don’t really have worry about it hurting your budget.

  • Savings

 Again, this depends on how much your allocation for your savings is. A typical expat saves 200-500 QAR a month for future vacation, getaways, and even to buy an investment sometime in the future.

  • Leisure

If you are to live a luxurious life in Qatar, make sure that your salary can cover all your expenses and savings. And if you are a middle income earner here, spending for your leisure might cost you too much that it would hurt your pockets.

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Videos: Expat Expenses in Qatar

Want to learn more about how much it would cost you if you were to have a life in Qatar? Here are some videos from expats that can give you some more ideas:

The secret to living a good life overseas is managing your budget accordingly. Know your salaries then estimate your expenses before you spend your money on the things that you won’t be needing for the next months. We hope the guide above can help you understand and further decide if you wish to continue your plans to get job in Qatar.

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