Going Home? Here’s The Best Souvenirs in Oman

Oman is a great place to be, no doubt about it. Everything about this place makes expats stay for a while. If you’re currently staying in Oman and you have plans to get back home for good or for a vacation, you need to have an idea of good souvenirs and gifts you can take home to your family. In this article, you will learn what goods to buy to remind you of the Oman culture.

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The memories you have with Oman are something worth to be treasured. And it would be a lot more remarkable if you have something you can display to remind you that you’ve been in Oman. Don’t think of this as an extra expense but imagine this like you are collecting your trophies because not all people can fly abroad and qualify for a job. Here’s the list of the best souvenirs you can find in Oman

Oman Souvenir

Souvenirs You Need To Get Before Leaving Oman


Dates are the sweetest souvenir you can get in Oman. Apart from being a part of Omani’s diet, it’s also a good gift to your family and friends back in your home country. These fruits can be eaten fresh or dried but since you are flying for hours or even for a day, dried dates would be more appropriate to bring home. These are good with coffee if you want to enjoy a balanced sweet and bitter taste.

Frankincense and Incense Burner

As you all know, Oman is the Land of Frankincense and this is the best place to get your incense burner you could use at home. Burning incense in your home country would surely make you feel that you are Oman again! To enjoy this souvenir, buy the medkhan (incense burner) with resin drops and charcoal discs at any souk in Oman.

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Dulla Coffee Pot

This is actually the best take-home gift you can give to the coffee lovers of your family! A Dulla Coffee Pot can be found in any Omani home because it is utilized to make good tasting coffee that you can only taste in Oman. But due to the possibility that you can bring home this pot, you can also make the same coffee in your home country! One good thing about this souvenir is that it comes in different sizes. You have the option to bring either the smallest or the biggest one.

Camel Milk Beauty Items

There is a great population of camel here in Oman. Try to bring home some camel milk beauty items from Sacra Soap and Body. Their products can be found in different souks too. There is no harm in trying these items because it’s 100-percent natural and non-toxic. Remember, not everyone gets to use a beauty bar made out of camel’s milk!

Now that you know what to buy, it’s time to schedule your trip to different souks here in Oman!

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