Alcohol Law in Kuwait

Alcohol is completely banned in Kuwait and this is not because of the desire of the state to take away the privilege from its residence. There are reasons behind the banning and one major thing is to make the country a disciplined one. Most of the countries in Middle East has alcohol laws and Kuwait is one of them. So if you’re someone who loves alcohol too much, maybe it’s now time to change your ways or at least take the initiative to know about the alcohol laws in the country.

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In Kuwait, there are provisions you must observe when it comes to buying, selling, and consuming alcohol. To comply with the rules and regulations, we made you a list of the important matters you need to be aware if you want to buy, sell, or consume alcohol in Kuwait. Here’s the list.

alcohol law in kuwait

Understanding the Law on Alcohol in Kuwait

  • Technically, there are no alcoholic drinks available in Kuwait unlike Qatar and UAE. This means hotels and restaurants don’t serve alcohol in the country.
  • Drinking alcohol privately is not illegal but buying, selling, carrying alcohol, and being drunk in public places are all crimes with respective punishments.
  • The above mentioned activities are punishable by law which can be up to 10 years of imprisonment according to the Kuwait Penal Law.
  • In case the alcohol is for personal use, the law states that the person who will caught will be penalized with a fine not more than KD100 and if he repeats the crime, he will face jail time of up to 6 months and/or KD100 fine.
  • In case of public intoxication whereas a person is caught bringing alcohol to public places, private clubs, and even in private cars, and is seen by others, he will face up to 6 months jail time and/or KD50 fine. This applies to someone who will be found drunk.

The law is as clear as a glass–the use of alcohol in Kuwait is strict and should be complied with if you don’t want to spend time in jail or pay a fine. If you follow these rules, there will be no trouble staying in the country. And if you’re someone who can’t live without alcohol, be careful and better to fly in nearby GCC countries where liquor is available.

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