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Best Attractions in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its strict laws and regulations, but did you know that this country is a home of best attractions in the Middle East? This place is not just a disciplined home but a vacation spot where expats and tourists find a great escape from the busy city life. Today, we are going to share the top tourist attractions in this Islamic country.

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Tired of working or bored of staying at home over the weekends? There are a lot of places you can go if you want a to have a good and relaxing time in Saudi Arabia. During weekends or on your rest days, be sure to drop by these top attractions so you can cope up with your stress and fatigue at work. Here are the list of the awesome places we’re talking about.


Top 10 Best Attractions in Saudi Arabia

  • Masjid al-Haram

This is the great mosque of Mecca and is a pilgrimage site for the Hajj, which is a requirement for every Muslims once in their lifetime. Even if you’re not a Muslim, you can visit the place and offer a prayer as a sign of respect.

  • Tiran Island

To give you brief overview, this place is a military island is Saudi Arabia with dive sites. You can enjoy the place if you are up for diving and swimming.

  • Kaaba

It is considered as the holiest site in Islam and is built in the center of the great mosque of Mecca.

  • Al Masjid an Nabawi

This place is historical because of the fact that this has been built by Prophet Muhammad and back then, it was the third mosque established in Islam. Now that the society has evolved, this is one of the large mosques in the world.

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  • King Fahd’s Fountaion

If you enjoyed Dubai Fountain, you will surely love this fountain place you can find in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is not the largest fountain site but it has the tallest fountain in the world.

  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia

Complete your Saudi Arabia tour by dropping by the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. This place is built in 1999 and serves as a portion of King Abdulaziz Historical Center.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

  • Center Point

This is a unique architecture and skyscraper  in Saudi Arabia with 99 stories.

  • Masmak Fortress

This is a palace and a museum at the same time. It is built from clay and mud with thick walls and four watchtowers.

  • Quba Mosque

Located in Medina, Saudi Arabia, this is a six kilometer mosque in Quba. This has a great Islamic architecture and serves as a prayer house for Muslims.

  • Kingdom Clock Tower

Abraj Al Bait Mall, also known as the Kingdom Clock Tower, is a modern skyscraper complex in Saudi Arabia that has hotels, museum, and malls inside.

Now that you have the list of the best destinations in Saudi Arabia, it’s now time to plan you tour and make the best out of your vacation here.

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