Guide on How To Protect Yourself From Sandstorms in Middle East

If you are currently living in the Gulf Region, you will likely experience extreme hot weather during summer. Aside from this, you will encounter sandstorms especially in the deserted place. If you ever experience yourself facing a sandstorm, there are effective ways on how you can overcome this natural phenomenon.

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Your home country might not be experiencing sandstorms but an as an expat living or working in Middle East, you should expect that natural events like this happen commonly. You can’t avoid it but you can prevent it from harming yourself and your family. To help you out in case of emergency, here are some ways on how you can protect yourself from sudden sandstorms.

Sandstorm UAE

Protecting Yourself from Sandstorm

Cover your mouth and nose

 First things first, cover your mouth and nose during a sandstorm to protect yourself from dusts. This should be strongly observed especially for people who are suffering from respiratory illness like asthma and allergies. You can wear respiratory masks or if unprepared, you can use your towels or handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth.

Don’t let the dust go into your eyes

 Watch out for your eyes and don’t let the dust damage them. You can wear sung glasses or goggles to protect them. This is essential if you still want to see during the storm.

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Avoid going outside

 One of the top recommendation during sandstorm is to stay inside your house. Your home is the safest place to be during disasters like this. If you want to protect your kids or other family members, make sure they stay indoor with you until the storm subsides.

Be careful when driving

If ever the sandstorm happens and you’re out there driving to home, take cautions on the road. It is best to keep your eyes on the way to avoid larger casualties. Sands and dusts may blur your sight of the road so better to drive slowly and carefully.

Don’t panic

The last thing you should do when a sandstorm hits your area is to panic. Panic doesn’t help and it will just cause you to become more afraid of what’s happening. To make things easier for you and your family, take a seat at your home and watch for the current updates about the storm. Calm down and wait for the disaster to stop.

These are the basic ways on how you can prevent sandstorms on harming you or your family members. Always be prepared and do what is on this list to minimize the damage it can cause to you. Remember, it’s just a storm and will soon subside.

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