Probation Period in Qatar

The Labor Law in Qatar discusses all the possible employment experience you will encounter once you start working here. This period is the time when an employee is put under a performance test to see if he/she really qualifies to be with the company for the long term. If you are in Qatar and it’s your first time to hear about the probation period, this article is for you.

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For first time employees, it’s common to ask a lot about your employment. What should you expect during your first day at work, when will your contract end, when will your probation start, and so on and so forth. To give you some hints of what your employment looks like, think of the probation period as the first step to regularization. You will definitely be put under the probation period during the first months of being employed. In some countries, it is automatic and cannot be voided while for some, it is not mandatory at all. If your goal is to become an efficient employee of your company, here’s what you need to know when you are under probation.

Cooking Probationary

About Probation Period in Qatar

  • All private-sector employees undergo a probation period before becoming regular employees.
  • The probation period depends on labor law. In Qatar, the probation period should not be more than 6 months.
  • Remember that during this period, your employer has the right to terminate your contract if he sees you unfit for the job or you cannot handle the work assigned to you. To formally terminate the contract, a 3-day notice is required.
  • The probation period can only happen one time in the same company. An employee should not be put for more than one probation period by the same employer unless it is done for a cause.
  • In Qatar, the probation period is not mandatory. It would depend on you and your employer whether you will be put under this assessment period. You can both agree to start employment without the probation period.
  • An employee can terminate the contract even without a valid reason provided the employer has misled the employee to do work beyond what is written in the contract. If there is a breach of contract, you have the right to dismount from your employment.

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There will always be a way to deal with your employment issues but first, you should know and understand what’s written in the labor law and in your contract so you can avoid any conflicts while discussing with your employer about it. Knowledge is helpful and even though you are a foreign national, ignorance is not an excuse. Always read the labor law beforehand.

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