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Fines for Expats with Expired IQAMAS in Saudi Arabia

IQAMAS is very important in Saudi Arabia, and if you don’t carry this valid document, it’s already an offense and corresponding fines may apply. This is the reason why expats need to get their own IQAMAS right after stepping in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While some other foreign nationals in the country already have an IQAMA, it is still vital to remember that it has an expiration date and needs to be renewed from time to time.

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For expats who failed to renew their IQAMAS, there are equivalent punishments if you are caught. This will not be directly against you but instead, you sponsor or employer will shoulder the fines and costs of not following the law. For your guidance, here are the list of fines.


Provisions on Expired IQAMAS

  • The authority gives a 3 day grace period after the expiration date of the IQAMAS.
  • If the grace period has passed and the IQAMAS has not been renewed, the employer will need to pay 500 Saudi Riyals as a penalty.
  • If the offense is repeated for the second time, the employer will pay double the fine- which is 1000 Saudi Riyals.
  • If the offense happens for the third time, the employee will get deported and a fine of 1000 Saudi Riyals will be imposed on the employer.

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For your own benefit and other expats, watch out for the renewals of your IQAMAS. Without this, you will not be able to exercise your labor rights when the time comes that you need it. The penalties are made to ensure that employers will follow the provision and to protect your employment at the same time. Remember, the countries in Middle East are quite strict in terms of employment so if you don’t obey the law, you will lose your job and dream.

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