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How to Apply for a Driver’s License in Bahrain

Having a car that you can drive anywhere is considerably one of the most convenient activities that you can do. Driving for yourself can save you from hassle and inconvenience of using the public transportation. In Bahrain, it is possible to drive your own rented car if you are an expat working here. Unlike Saudi Arabia, a woman can drive in Bahrain provided that certain rules and regulations are followed. And to legally drive in Bahrain, of course, a driver’s license is required.

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If you’re an expat wondering how you could get your driver’s license in Bahrain and whether you are qualified or not, here are the things that you should be aware of. Some expats who already have driver’s licenses in their home countries can easily convert their foreign license to be accepted in Bahrain. But for some, you may need to apply with a new application.

how to apply drivers license bahrain

Qualifications to get a Driver’s License in Bahrain for Expats

Before you can successfully obtain a driver’s license in the country, make sure to meet all of the following requirements:

  • You should be 18 years old and above.
  • You must have an International Driving License
  • You should have resided for 3 months or more in Bahrain
  • If you don’t meet the minimum period of residency, you must have a Bahraini Nationality instead.
  • You should pass the driving test.
  • Prior to appearing to the driving test, you should take instruction classes first. Before being able to take the driving instruction classes, you should comply with these requirements:
  • You must possess an International Driving License to be endorsed by the Directorate before use.
  • You must possess a Bahraini ID card.
  • After completing this, you can now choose your instructor.
  • Once all these requirements are complied with, you can go to the Traffic and Licensing Directorate in Bahrain where the application is going to be endorsed and fill out the necessary forms, pay the fee, and submit your latest 4×6 cm full-face picture.

Just a few simple steps then you can now drive for yourself in Bahrain. Remember that the driver’s license is valid for a year only and thus, should be renewed yearly. The renewal is much easier than the application itself. Prepare the necessary fees so there will be no conflict during your renewal.

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