Gulf Labour: Do Not Work While on a Tourist Visa as it is illegal

All those who are coming to countries in the Middle East under a tourist visa should apply for a residence visa after getting a job before reporting to work. As mandated by Labour Laws in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, it is not allowed for expats to work while under a tourist visa. There will be Fines and Penalties to face if you get caught.

Jumping from one country to another may be easy for some people, especially for travelers because the documents required to fly are easy to obtain. You just have to bring your plane ticket, passport, and visit visa—all of which you can get in a span of one month. Easy as 1,2,3, isn’t it? Of course, there won’t be any trouble if you use your documents properly in the right country, along with being a responsible traveler.

However, it is not all the time that some people use their visit visa just for a tour of the country. Some intentionally or unintentionally find great opportunities while visiting. We cannot unhide the fact that chances of getting jobs abroad is sometimes better for people who are transferring from third world to first world countries. That is why it is important to consider what document you’re holding in case you find a fit job for you overseas. If you’re considering Dubai or other cities in the Gulf region, you should know that visit visas are only for visitor and there is a separate visa for those who are planning to work here. To give a heads-up, we listed the information you need to know in case you work here while on a tourist visa.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting a Country Using a Tourist Visa

• Do not work while on a visit or tourist visa. It is illegal because there is a separate visa when you choose to work in Dubai. You will be fined 50,000 AED if you get caught.
• Secure a working visa first before working. This is the first step to legally work in the country. Again, working on a visit visa is not allowed.
• In case you still chose to work without a working visa, be ready to face punishments like getting deported, getting blacklisted which means you cannot obtain a working visa anymore, and no chances of making a valid complaints against your employer.
• You can search for jobs in Dubai while on a visit visa.
• No employee rights for employees working on a visit visa. This is along with other punishments.
• If in case your employer is still processing your working visa, you should make a follow up if you want to expedite the process.
• Know the rules when working in the country of your residence. Employers usually ask employees to work prior to getting a working visa because they need hands in order to operate and generate a profit but sometimes, some employers abuse the ignorance of employees especially if they are just new in the country and don’t know anything about the rules and provisions.

Then again, being informed is the best way get ahead of the abusers. To protect your employee rights, be a responsible employee or visitor. Get the required documents, avoid the illegals. This should be as simple as living your homeland.

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